Horner Disagrees with Verstappen: Honest Assessments Needed

Max Verstappen does not support the sprint format in Formula 1 and does not agree with ideas to shake up the format, while his team boss, Christian Horner, believes it is important to evaluate the popularity of sprint races and sees potential for improvement.


‣ Max Verstappen is not a fan of the sprint format in Formula 1
‣ Christian Horner believes that sprint races can provide more entertainment for fans
‣ Horner thinks that the sprint format is a new concept that can be improved
‣ Horner suggests that the format can be evaluated and adjusted for better spectacle and event experience

The debate surrounding sprint races in Formula 1 continues, with Max Verstappen expressing his dissatisfaction with the format. However, his team boss, Christian Horner, holds a different perspective. In an interview prior to the Mexican Grand Prix, Horner highlighted the importance of considering the fans’ opinions and the overall entertainment value of the races. He stated, “It would be interesting to see how popular the sprint races have been. The reason we implement them is to provide more entertainment and make the event more appealing.”

One crucial point made by Horner is that the sprint race format is still relatively new and can be further improved. He emphasized the need for self-reflection, stating, “Just like we can always work on improving the car, we can also work on improving the format.” Horner’s intention is to evaluate the data collected throughout the year and identify areas for enhancement. He believes there are numerous possibilities to enhance the spectacle and overall experience for the fans.

With his optimistic approach, Horner’s concluding statement indicates that there is room for growth and innovation in the sprint race format. “At the end of the year, when we’ve gathered all the data, we can assess what can be done better and learn from it,” he asserted. This demonstrates the team’s commitment to continuous improvement and providing an exciting show for fans.

In a sport as dynamic and competitive as Formula 1, it is important to explore various ideas and formats to keep the sport fresh. While Verstappen may not be convinced by the sprint races, Horner’s perspective highlights the team’s dedication to adapting and evolving to meet the expectations of fans and enhance the overall experience. The ongoing evaluation and willingness to make necessary improvements will shape the future of sprint races in Formula 1.

Quote from Christian Horner:
“I think we have to be honest with ourselves. Like we can always improve the car, I think we can always improve the format… there are many things that could be done to improve it.”

Quote from Christian Horner:
“At the end of the year, when we’ve got all the samples of these sprint races and say, okay, what can we do better? What can be learned? And how can we improve the spectacle and the event? And I think there are many things that could be done to improve it.”

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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