Horner Discusses Verstappen’s Yearly Improvement

Christian Horner, Red Bull team boss, praises Max Verstappen‘s constant improvement and hunger for knowledge, noting that the three-time world champion F1 driver, who broke records in 2023, continues to learn and grow, but may not stay in Formula 1 forever, with a contract until 2028 and a potential retirement after that.


‣ Christian Horner, Red Bull team boss, notes that Max Verstappen is constantly improving and learning something new every day.
‣ In 2023, Verstappen broke several records, becoming the most dominant F1 driver in a single season with 19 victories in 22 Grands Prix.
‣ Horner describes Verstappen as a “sponge” who is always hungry for information and applies what he learns to improve his performance.
‣ Verstappen, who has a contract with Red Bull until 2028, does not intend to stay in Formula 1 forever and much depends on how competitive Red Bull remains after the regulation changes in 2026.

Christian Horner’s got something to say. Max Verstappen? He’s on a roll. A three-time world champ, and still, he’s learning. Every single day. That’s what Horner spilled to Racefans.net.

2023 was a year to remember. Verstappen? He was on fire. No F1 driver had ever dominated a season like he did. Nineteen victories in 22 Grands Prix. He matched his own record from 2022. But here’s the kicker: Horner says he’s still getting better. Year after year.

So, what’s the secret sauce? How does Verstappen keep upping his game? Horner’s got a theory. “You’re always learning,” he says. “And Max? He’s a sponge. Soaks up everything. Applies it. He’s hungry for knowledge. And he uses it.” That’s what he said after Verstappen clinched his third world title for Red Bull Racing.

Horner’s got faith in Verstappen. Sees him growing in the years to come. “At 26, he’s got years ahead of him,” Horner muses. “He’ll keep going as long as he’s motivated. He’s strong-minded. I don’t see him driving at 42 in F1. But that’s 16, 18 years from now. He’s taking it one season at a time.”

Verstappen’s not shy about his future plans. He doesn’t see himself in Formula 1 forever. He’s with Red Bull till 2028. After that? He might hang up his helmet. It all hinges on Red Bull’s competitiveness post the 2026 regulation changes.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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