Horner Dismisses Rumours, Says They’re Far From Pink Mercedes

Christian Horner, Red Bull team boss, has dismissed claims that AlphaTauri is copying Red Bull’s concept, stating that other teams, such as Aston Martin and McLaren, are closer to Red Bull’s concept than AlphaTauri.


‣ AlphaTauri’s car started to perform more towards the end of the 2023 season, making the battle for seventh place in the constructors’ championship exciting.
‣ Despite improvements, AlphaTauri finished behind Williams in the championship.
‣ There has been speculation that AlphaTauri would adopt Red Bull Racing’s concept, but Christian Horner, the Red Bull team boss, denies this.
‣ Horner suggests that other teams, such as Aston Martin and McLaren, may be closer to Red Bull’s concept than AlphaTauri.

Lots of chatter has been going around about AlphaTauri. It’s been looking more like the RB19 as the season winds down. Christian Horner, however, has a different take. He told GPblog and others that other teams are copying more from Red Bull than AlphaTauri is.

AlphaTauri wasn’t always at the top of its game. In 2023, it had the slowest car on the field for a long time. But then, something changed. By the end of the season, the AT04 started to pick up the pace.

The race for the seventh spot in the constructors’ championship was a nail-biter. It was a close call right up to the final race in Abu Dhabi. In the end, though, Williams clinched the seventh spot.

Horner has a famous quote about the RB19. He said, “The RB19 will go down in the history books for quite a while.”

There’s been a lot of speculation recently. Some people think AlphaTauri might adopt some of Red Bull Racing’s concept. Horner, however, says that’s not the case. He quipped, “We are a long way from a ‘pink Mercedes.'”

This was a reference to Racing Point copying the Mercedes in 2020. Horner explained, “There are some transferable components that are clearly listed in the regulations that they allow you to supply and that’s what they have.”

Horner also made an interesting observation. He suggested that other teams might be closer to Red Bull’s concept than AlphaTauri. He specifically mentioned Aston Martin and McLaren.

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