Horner Identifies Red Bull’s Weakness as Constant Room for Improvement

Red Bull’s team boss, Christian Horner, says the team’s Achilles heel is complacency, and emphasizes the need for continuous improvement in all aspects of the car, operation, strategy, delivery, and efficiency, even after winning a championship.


‣ Red Bull’s team boss, Christian Horner, acknowledges that there are always areas for improvement in all aspects of the car, strategy, delivery, and efficiency.
‣ Horner emphasizes the importance of not resting on laurels in the competitive business of racing, as complacency can lead to regression.
‣ The team’s motivation lies in their desire to continually improve and not allow complacy to set in.
‣ One of the significant improvements Red Bull made this year was managing to take over 20 kilos off the car, which was the main modification for the RB19.

Red Bull may seem invincible from a distance. However, team boss Christian Horner begs to differ. He recently sat down with Sky Sports and spilled the beans on the team’s Achilles heel.

Max Verstappen, the team’s star, clinched the championship with a handful of races to spare. But did he slow down? Not a bit. He went on to bag every single race that followed. He pushed himself to the limit until the final flag in Abu Dhabi.

But, there’s always room for improvement, right? Horner thinks so too. He believes there are always marginal gains to be made. There are always areas to improve, be it the car, the team’s operation, strategy, delivery, or efficiency.

It’s all about introspection, according to Horner. Resting on laurels is a big no-no in this business. If you do, you’re essentially moving backwards.

Red Bull doesn’t boast about its success. The team’s motivation stems from a unique mentality. It’s all about the desire, the drive. They’ve achieved remarkable results, but they’re not letting complacency creep in.

Why? Because they know their success is fueling their competitors’ motivation. Horner previously shed light on what Red Bull improved this year. They managed to shave off over 20 kilos from the car. That was the primary tweak for the RB19.

But, as they say, there’s always more to the story. So, stay tuned for more updates.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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