Horner Minimizes Verstappen’s Team Influence: Not Above the Team

Helmut Marko is staying with Red Bull Racing after discussions with Red Bull GmbH management, with Christian Horner highlighting the team’s achievements and focusing on the future rather than commenting on individual influences or Jos Verstappen’s statements.


‣ Helmut Marko is not leaving Red Bull Racing, following a consultation with Red Bull GmbH management, despite speculation.

‣ Christian Horner, when asked about the situation, emphasized that discussions about Marko’s role were between Marko and Red Bull GmbH, not the racing team itself.

‣ Horner highlighted Max Verstappen‘s importance to the team but maintained that no individual is bigger than the team itself, celebrating Verstappen’s 100th podium finish and 56th race victory.

‣ Despite Jos Verstappen’s critical comments about the team principal, Horner chose not to comment and redirected the focus towards the upcoming race in Melbourne.

So, Helmut Marko isn’t packing his bags from Red Bull Racing, it turns out. After a bit of a huddle with the big guns at Red Bull GmbH, he’s sticking around. And Christian Horner? Well, he got quizzed about this whole saga right after the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix.

Now, Horner, he’s a bit of a vault. When prodded about the Marko situation, he played it cool. “He’s a consultant to Red Bull GmbH, so, you know, it’s their convo, not ours,” is pretty much what he told Sky Sports. Keeping it vague, keeping it mysterious.

Horner’s Shoutout to Red Bull’s Might

Then, there’s the Max Verstappen angle. Did he sway the decision on Marko? Horner was slippery as an eel on that one. He tossed out that Max is “an important member” but was quick to add that “no single individual is bigger than the team.” Classic deflection. But then, he couldn’t help but brag about Max’s milestones – his 100th podium finish, all with Red Bull, and his 56th race victory. Oh, and he dropped that Red Bull has now zoomed past Williams with 114 victories. Not too shabby for their 20th year, eh?

And Jos Verstappen? His latest bombshell in a British tabloid, suggesting the team principal should hit the road? Horner wasn’t biting. “We’re all about Melbourne,” he said, shutting that conversation down fast. Classic Horner, always looking ahead.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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