Horner & Newey Exit Red Bull? Verstappen May Reconsider His Future

Peter Windsor speculates in his YouTube video that Max Verstappen might reconsider his future at Red Bull Racing due to potential changes within the team, including the possible departure of Christian Horner and Adrian Newey, and expresses uncertainty about the team’s direction and performance in the long term.


‣ Peter Windsor discusses the potential impact of Christian Horner’s investigation on Max Verstappen’s future at Red Bull Racing, suggesting that the outcome could influence Verstappen’s decisions.

‣ Windsor speculates that Adrian Newey’s potential retirement, should Horner leave Red Bull, could also affect the team’s performance and Verstappen’s commitment to staying.

‣ The comparison to Ferrari’s situation after Ross Brawn’s departure is made to illustrate how a team can maintain momentum for a while, but significant changes in leadership can eventually impact team performance and driver satisfaction.

‣ Despite Verstappen’s current contract with Red Bull Racing running until 2028, Windsor concludes that Verstappen might start considering other options if he feels the team’s dynamics and performance could change for the worse.

Max Verstappen? Yeah, he’s probably mulling over his future at Red Bull Racing. That’s the buzz from Peter Windsor in his fresh-off-the-press YouTube video. And, oh boy, the drama around Christian Horner might just stir the pot even more.

So, Windsor’s been chewing over the whole Horner saga in his latest upload. The ex-Williams team boss is tossing around the idea that Adrian Newey might hang up his hat if Horner gets the boot. And Windsor? He’s not too sure about what this means for our star racer, Verstappen.

### Verstappen’s Future at Red Bull Racing

Here’s the kicker: “If Christian bails, and let’s just imagine Adrian’s not feeling F1 anymore, what’s that gonna do to Max and the car’s mojo?” Windsor muses. Remember when Ross Brawn and his crew left Ferrari? The team kept its vibe… for a bit. So, yeah, Red Bull’s got talent to keep the ship sailing.

But, and it’s a big but, looking ahead to 2026 and then zooming out to 2028 with all those changes… Max might start wondering. Is this the Red Bull he fell in love with? Suddenly, he’s pondering, “Is the grass greener?” That’s Windsor’s mic drop moment.

Now, Verstappen’s tied to Red Bull Racing till 2028, so he’s not going anywhere fast. Plus, he’s been vocal about his F1 future post-deal, kinda on the fence about it. By 2028, Verstappen will hit 31, and who knows? Maybe he’ll decide to call it a day.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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