Horner Notes Verstappen’s Striking Attitude: Nothing is Ever Good Enough

Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen‘s near-perfect season ended in Abu Dhabi, with Verstappen’s demanding nature and hunger for perfection highlighted by team boss Horner, who also revealed that the Dutchman has no set pre-race rituals.


‣ The season for Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen, despite minor conflicts, ended successfully in Abu Dhabi.
‣ Verstappen’s demanding nature and hunger for perfection were key to his performance, according to Red Bull Racing team boss Horner.
‣ Verstappen’s race engineer, Gianpiero Lambiase, played a crucial role in keeping him focused and striving for excellence.
‣ Despite winning the majority of races in the 2023 Formula 1 season, Verstappen does not follow any set rituals before getting into his car.

The season for Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen was nearly flawless. It wrapped up in Abu Dhabi.

There was a bit of a spat between Verstappen and his race engineer, Gianpiero Lambiase, during the Belgian Grand Prix in late July. According to Red Bull, this was just business as usual. Horner, the team boss, explained it all.

“Max is a tough customer,” Horner said. “His relationship with his race engineer, GP, is intense. They trust each other, but they push each other too.” Horner shared this with reporters, including those from GPblog. “Max is always striving for perfection, and GP isn’t afraid to push back to keep him focused,” he added.

Horner’s Observations in Las Vegas

Horner noticed something about Verstappen in Las Vegas. “Max is hard on himself and the team. He criticized the car in Vegas, even though he was the fastest,” Horner said. “His race engineer pointed this out, but that’s just Max. He’s always striving for more. It’s never enough for him,” Horner concluded.

Verstappen, a three-time world champion, didn’t win a few races in the 2023 Formula 1 season. He shared his approach to preparing for a Grand Prix. The result? Not much. The Dutchman doesn’t have any specific rituals before hopping into his Red Bull car.

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