Horner Pleased with Fantastic Team Performance in First Race

Red Bull Racing dominated the race with both drivers performing exceptionally, earning praise from team principal Christian Horner, who is now looking forward to the next challenge in Jeddah with optimism about the team’s innovative approach.


‣ Red Bull Racing demonstrated an extremely dominant performance, with both drivers showcasing tremendous pace and securing the maximum points at the start of the new season.

‣ Christian Horner, the team principal, praised the clinical drive by Max Verstappen, including his fastest lap on soft tyres, and a strong drive by Checo, expressing pride in the team’s performance.

‣ The team is now focusing on the next race in Jeddah, anticipating warmer temperatures and a street track, which presents a different challenge compared to the unique surfaces of the previous race.

‣ Horner highlighted the aggressive evolution of the car, crediting the design team and the whole team for pushing boundaries and incorporating innovative ideas, while maintaining the DNA of the 2019 car model.

Red Bull Racing? Oh, they nailed it. Just like the fans had their bets placed. Christian Horner, the guy steering the ship, couldn’t stop grinning when he chatted with Viaplay.

He was all, “Our team? Rockstars.” Short, sweet, and to the point. “A killer race strategy. Both drivers? Lightning fast. And hey, kicking off the season snagging all the points? Couldn’t be better.”

Then, Horner gushed about Verstappen. “The kid’s on fire, but let’s not forget those soft tyres. We played our cards right, and boom, Max took it home. And Checo? Solid as ever. Today’s a good day to be proud.”

What’s Next? Jeddah, Baby!

Now, it’s all eyes on Jeddah. “Next Saturday’s the big day. We’re talking scorching heat and those tricky street tracks. But hey, today’s win? That’s just one piece of the puzzle.”

On Sky Sports, Horner couldn’t help but boast a little. “Our car? It’s like we took 2019’s beast and pumped it with steroids. The design team? Geniuses. They’ve been pushing, innovating, and man, it shows. We’re not just playing the game; we’re changing it.”

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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