Horner Reflects on Verstappen’s Surprisingly Successful Year

Red Bull Racing’s RB19, dubbed “the most dominant F1 car ever” after winning 21 out of 22 Grands Prix, is now a museum piece, with team members including Max Verstappen and Christian Horner acknowledging room for improvement and working towards making the RB20 even stronger.


‣ Red Bull Racing’s RB19, driven by Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, won 21 out of 22 Grands Prix during the season, making it one of the most dominant F1 cars ever.
‣ Despite the success of the RB19, both Verstappen and team boss Christian Horner believe there is room for improvement and are working on enhancements for the RB20.
‣ Stable regulations in the sport mean that the field will likely converge, increasing competition and necessitating continuous evolution and improvement.
‣ Red Bull managed to maintain consistent performance in 2023, despite different teams emerging as strong competitors at various stages of the year.

Red Bull Racing’s RB19 is now a relic, a museum piece. The little card next to it might as well read “the most dominant F1 car ever”.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, they drove this beast to victory in 21 out of the 22 Grands Prix during the season. Can Red Bull outdo themselves and produce an even better car in 2024? That’s the big question.

In Baku, where he’s set to receive his World Championship trophy, Max Verstappen is a bit cagey about the RB20’s potential. He doesn’t want to throw around percentages or make big claims. “There are always things we can do better. We know that,” he admits.

Sure, the car’s been dominant. But it’s not without its weaknesses. “We’ve seen a few areas where we can improve. That’s what we’re working on for next year,” the Dutchman said.

Who will be the lucky (or unlucky) one to take the seat next to Verstappen in 2024? That’s another question on everyone’s minds.

Team boss Christian Horner agrees there’s room for improvement. “You’re always learning in this business,” he says. He knows the field will converge with stable regulations. They’ve seen it happen at different points during the past year.

“We have to improve. We have to keep evolving,” Horner insists. He believes all aspects of RB19 are being scrutinized to evolve into RB20. “We’re hoping to make it even stronger because I’m sure that’s what our competitors will be looking to do.”

The F1 field usually moves closer together in a second season after a rule change. But in 2023, Red Bull remained far above the rest. “We were able to remain pretty consistent,” Horner says.

He admits that different cars and teams emerged at different stages of the year. Aston started the season strong. McLaren finished strong. Ferrari and Mercedes had their moments. “But the one thing that we were able to control was our own performance and the consistency that we achieved,” Horner said.

Hamilton, however, has some sharp words for FIA leaders. “That’s unacceptable,” he lashes out. But that’s a story for another day.

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