Horner Remains Grounded Despite Clean Sweep, Shows No Disappointment

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner says the team’s dominance this season doesn’t guarantee success in 2024, citing the example of Mercedes’ 2020 dominance and subsequent defeat in 2021, and hopes to apply lessons from this season to future competitions.


‣ Red Bull team boss Christian Horner believes that their current dominance does not guarantee success in the 2024 season.
‣ Horner uses the 2021 season as an example, where despite Mercedes’ dominance in 2020, Max Verstappen won his first world championship.
‣ He acknowledges that there will be rule changes and expects competitors to come closer at different venues.
‣ Horner hopes to apply lessons from the RB19 season to future seasons, but does not expect to repeat the same level of success.

Christian Horner, the boss of Red Bull’s racing team, has a clear message. This season’s dominance doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see the same success in 2024. He points to the 2021 season as a prime example. That was the year Max Verstappen snagged his first world championship.

Horner recalls the 2020 season with Mercedes. “That was their most dominant year ever,” he says. But what happened next? “We were able to beat them in ’21,” he tells GPBlog and others.

He goes on to say, “There is a subtle rule change but I think that nothing stands still.” He’s observed competitors inching closer at different venues. “I’m sure concepts will converge,” he muses.

The title of ‘No clean sweep for RB19’ comes up. Horner has high hopes for 2024, but he’s also grounded in reality. “I don’t think we’ll ever be able to repeat the season that we’ve had,” he admits. But he’s optimistic. “Hopefully, we can take the lessons from RB19 and apply them to [RB]20 and come up with a car that we can defend these titles with.”

Carlos Sainz got in his way of the so-called ‘Clean Sweep’ this season. But Horner wasn’t annoyed. “It leaves you humbled that there is still something to strive for,” he says. He sees it as a useful lesson. “Things can change quickly.”

Albert Ramirez
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