Horner Reveals Adjustment That Made RB19 Faster Than RB18

The RB19, despite being similar to the RB18, is considered the best car in Formula 1, with Red Bull team boss Christian Horner attributing its dominance to a 20-kilo weight reduction and other minor improvements.


‣ The RB19 is considered one of the best cars in Formula 1, performing better than its predecessor, the RB18.
‣ Despite initial struggles in 2022 against Ferrari, Red Bull’s RB18 underwent several developments, allowing the team to dominate the season.
‣ In 2023, Max Verstappen‘s team won 19 races, with teammate Sergio Perez winning two.
‣ The most significant modification for the RB19 was a reduction in weight, with 20 kilos removed to improve performance.

The RB19 is a beast of a machine. Some even argue it’s the best car to have ever graced Formula 1.

It’s a step up from the RB18, which was already a dominant force, particularly after the summer break. But, according to Red Bull’s team boss, Christian Horner, the difference between the two isn’t that huge.

2022 was a tough start for Red Bull. They were up against a highly competitive Ferrari. But the RB18 wasn’t static; it evolved as the season went on.

The result? Ferrari couldn’t keep up.

Come 2023, no one could touch Max Verstappen’s team. The Dutchman himself won a whopping 19 races. His teammate, Sergio Perez, added two more victories to the tally. Only one race slipped through their fingers.

But let’s talk about the RB19.

Despite its dominance, it’s not a world away from the 2022 car. Horner says the team focused on one key issue: weight.

“The most significant thing that we were able to address was the weight,” he told Motorsport.com. “We were so late going on to the new regs in 2021, because of that championship battle [the previous year] that the car in 2022 was a bit on the chunky side. So, we managed to get 20 kilos out of the car coming into this year, and tidy up some of the imperfections.”

And there you have it. The RB19, a leaner, meaner machine. Not too different from its predecessor, but just enough to make a world of difference.

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