Horner Reveals Excitement as RB20 Comes to Life

Christian Horner, amidst an investigation into alleged inappropriate behavior, is focused on Red Bull’s winter testing in Bahrain and is optimistic about defending the championship with the RB20, as both Max Verstappen and Checo Perez get acquainted with the car.


‣ Christian Horner is currently under investigation for alleged inappropriate behavior but remains active with the Red Bull team during winter testing in Bahrain.

‣ Horner expressed excitement about the RB20, Red Bull’s car for the season, highlighting the special moment of seeing it drive down the pitlane for the first time.

‣ Max Verstappen and Sergio “Checo” Perez have both tested the RB20, with Horner noting the importance of getting a feel for the car despite not being able to deduce performance at this stage.

‣ The primary goal for Red Bull in the upcoming season, as stated by Horner, is to defend both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships.

Christian Horner is currently under a bit of a cloud. Yep, there’s some chatter about alleged not-so-great behavior. Despite that, he’s in Bahrain, getting ready for winter testing. And oh, he’s seen the RB20. That’s the beast they’re banking on to keep them at the top.

“It was great to be back on track at Silverstone,” Horner reminisced about Red Bull’s recent filming day. “Seeing the RB20 roar to life? Incredible. There’s something magical about watching a car make its first journey down the pitlane.”

### Horner on Verstappen and Perez
Max and Checo? They’ve had a taste of the RB20. Performance-wise, it’s too early to tell anything concrete. But, it’s all about nailing those basics right now, according to Horner. “We’re all pumped to see how it does in Bahrain’s drier conditions,” he added, barely containing his excitement.

Earlier on, both Verstappen and Perez were buzzing about getting back in the driver’s seat of the RB20. Bahrain’s test days are calling their names. Horner’s eyes are on the prize – defending both Championships in 2024 is the dream. And he’s not shy about saying it.

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