Horner Sent Sexual Messages, Sought to Cover Up Case

Christian Horner, the Red Bull Racing team boss, has been accused of sexual misconduct and attempting to cover it up with a £650,000 settlement, as reported by De Telegraaf, with Red Bull Racing currently deliberating his future with the team.


– ‣ Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing’s team boss, has been accused of sexual misconduct, with allegations including sending inappropriate messages to a female employee.
– ‣ Horner’s camp reportedly attempted to cover up the case by offering a settlement of £650,000.
– ‣ Despite Horner’s denial of any inappropriate behavior, De Telegraaf claims to have seen evidence of the misconduct in the form of WhatsApp messages.
– ‣ Red Bull Racing is taking the allegations seriously and is considering Horner’s future with the team, pending the outcome of an investigation by an independent lawyer.

So, here’s the scoop from De Telegraaf, and it’s a bit of a shocker. Christian Horner, yeah, the big boss at Red Bull Racing, is in hot water. Apparently, there’s talk about some not-so-great behavior on his part. And get this, his team supposedly tried to sweep the whole mess under the rug with a big fat check.

Now, picture this. Amidst the glitz of Red Bull Racing’s car launch, there’s Horner. He’s all smiles, presenting the shiny new RB20. But then, bam! Questions about this investigation start flying. Horner? He’s shaking his head, denying everything. But, De Telegraaf? They’re not buying it.

Why Red Bull is taking Horner’s case so seriously

Digging deeper, it turns out De Telegraaf got their hands on some spicy WhatsApp chats. We’re talking messages between Horner and a female employee at Red Bull. And these weren’t your average “how’s your day” texts. Nope. They were of the sexual nature, and not just once or twice. This was a regular thing.

But wait, there’s more. Horner didn’t just stop at messages. According to De Telegraaf, he pulled out all the stops to keep this hush-hush. Facing the heat, he supposedly dangled a whopping £650,000 to settle the matter. Yeah, you read that right.

For now, Horner’s still with Red Bull Racing. But the clock’s ticking. Red Bull’s got the investigation report from an independent lawyer. They’re weighing their options, deciding what’s next for their CEO and team boss. It’s a sticky situation, for sure.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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