Horner Unexpectedly Dominates Spotlight, Newey’s Smile Reveals Much

During Red Bull Racing’s car launch, the team aimed to project confidence and unity despite CEO Christian Horner’s investigation for alleged inappropriate behavior, emphasizing their strong future prospects and competitive edge for 2024, while Max Verstappen appeared unfazed and focused on racing.


‣ Red Bull Racing attempted to maintain a business-as-usual facade during their car launch, despite the ongoing investigation into team boss Christian Horner’s alleged inappropriate behavior.

‣ The Red Bull campus in Milton Keynes, including the impressive building with a car mounted on the wall and the new Red Bull Powertrains-Ford factory, showcases the team’s preparation for future F1 seasons, particularly with the engine for 2026.

‣ Despite efforts to focus on the team rather than individuals, Christian Horner’s potential involvement in future seasons is uncertain due to the investigation, overshadowing the team’s recent successes and future prospects.

‣ Max Verstappen remains focused and relaxed amidst the team’s controversies, emphasizing his desire to enjoy racing and maintain consistent performance in the upcoming season.

Red Bull Racing tried to act like everything was normal at their car launch. But, you could tell something was off. It was as if they hoped no one would remember that team boss Christian Horner was under investigation. Honestly, it was a bit awkward.

The event itself? It tried to play the underdog card. But let’s be real, after that launch, it’s clear the competition might as well give up. Want the full scoop on what went down in Milton Keynes? Keep reading.

**Why Red Bull’s campus is impressive**

Ever walked through Red Bull Racing’s campus? It’s something else. There’s this famous building with a car plastered on the wall. Huge. And there’s a new kid on the block: the Red Bull Powertrains-Ford factory. They’re cooking up the engine for 2026 there. Though, talking about 2026 feels like we’re discussing flying cars.

**Horner takes unwanted centre stage at car launch**

So, the gist of the story hasn’t changed. It’s all about the team, not just one person at Red Bull. “Inclusive” was the buzzword. Horner’s been singing this tune for a while now. Remember his chats on the High-Performance Podcast in 2021 or Beyond the Grid in 2018? I revisited those episodes just before this event.

These words from Horner aren’t new. But, repeating them now? It raises eyebrows. The room got a tad uncomfortable when the presenter quizzed Horner about Red Bull’s next 20 years. He was like, “The last 20 were epic. The next 20? Even more thrilling, especially with our power units coming to life next door.” But with the investigation hanging over him, who knows if he’ll be around to see it.

Adrian Newey’s smirk said it all. He knows the competition is lagging behind for 2024. Another world title for him? Likely. The RB20 might not look it, but Red Bull Racing has been laser-focused on 2024 since early 2023. They’re way ahead, and if Newey’s team has found an extra gear, the competition is toast.

**Verstappen looks relaxed at Red Bull Racing**

Verstappen’s take? “Driving with wet tyres is tricky, can’t say much till Bahrain.” He seemed pretty chill during the press meet. Fresh from a skiing holiday, he’s ready to dive back into racing, unfazed by the drama around his team.

What keeps him going after a stellar year? “Fun. Enjoying the ride. If the car’s good, wins will follow,” he shared with GPblog.com. He’s aiming for consistency in 2024, wanting to finish each weekend strong.

Contrast that with Horner, who’s been through the wringer with interviews. By the time he got to the Dutch media, the elephant in the room was impossible to ignore. Horner did touch on the investigation, albeit reluctantly. He’s exhausted, and who can blame him? The season hasn’t even started, and it feels like he’s already run a marathon.

For Horner, it’s a bittersweet moment. Just as Red Bull starts enjoying the fruits of their labor, his leadership is scrutinized. Despite a record-breaking season with the RB19, the focus isn’t on the team’s success but on the investigation into his conduct.

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