Horner Warns Rival F1 Teams: Aggressive Approach with RB20

Red Bull introduced their 20th Formula 1 car, the RB20, with Max Verstappen aiming for his fourth world title, and team boss Christian Horner highlighting the car’s aggressive evolution and the team’s dominance in the previous season, despite acknowledging the strong competition under the new regulations.


‣ Max Verstappen is aiming for his fourth world title with the introduction of Red Bull’s 20th car in Formula 1, the RB20.

‣ The 2023 season saw Red Bull dominating the competition, winning 21 out of 22 races, with a notable shift in focus towards the end of the season to prepare for the upcoming year.

‣ Team boss Christian Horner highlighted the RB20 as an evolution of the previous year’s car, noting aggressive design choices and a push to maintain competitive edges.

‣ Since the introduction of new regulations in 2022, Red Bull has been the leading team, with Horner observing similarities between their car designs and those of their rivals, showcasing the hard work and exquisite detail put into the RB20.

Thursday night was a bit of a spectacle, wasn’t it? The RB20 rolled into the spotlight. Max Verstappen, that speed demon, is eyeing his fourth world title. And Christian Horner? He had a chat with GPblog and some others, spilling the beans on Red Bull’s 20th Formula 1 marvel.

2023’s racing season? It’s one for the books. The Austrian team snagged 21 wins out of 22 races. Singapore, though, was the one that got away. By the season’s end, competitors were nipping at their heels. But hey, Red Bull’s eyes were already on the prize – next season.

Horner had this to say, “It’s not just a new coat of paint on last year’s model. Nope, this is our 20th iteration, and the team went all in. They’ve been bold, pushing limits while knowing full well the competition isn’t taking a nap.”

### Horner on Red Bull’s Rivals

Since the shake-up with the rules in 2022, Red Bull’s been leading the pack. They’ve clinched the championship title for both constructors and drivers, not once but twice. Horner’s been keeping an eye on the competition. “Some of the new cars out there? They’re eerily reminiscent of what we rolled out last year. It’s clear our team, every single person behind the scenes, has been pouring their heart and soul into this. The car’s details? Simply stunning.”

So, there you have it. Red Bull’s not just playing the game; they’re setting the pace. With the RB20, they’re gearing up for another jaw-dropping season. And the competition? They’ve got their work cut out for them.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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