Horner’s Admiration for Perez Post-2023: Reasons Revealed

Christian Horner, the Red Bull Racing team boss, has expressed his admiration for Sergio Perez‘s performance in 2023, despite criticism and pressure, and is pleased with Perez securing second place in the world championship.


‣ Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing team boss, has expressed his admiration for Sergio Perez’s performance in 2023 despite initial criticism.
‣ Perez, who aimed for the world title, had to settle for second place as he couldn’t keep up with the pressure and his teammate Max Verstappen‘s winning streak.
‣ Horner praised Perez’s resilience and ability to bounce back from setbacks, calling his second-place finish in the championship a “phenomenal result.”
‣ Perez is contracted with Red Bull Racing until 2024, but his future beyond that depends on his performance in the upcoming season.

Christian Horner has given a thumbs up to Sergio Perez. Despite the flak that the Mexican driver faced in 2023, he’s managed to snag the second spot in the world championship. That’s a feat that Max Verstappen’s teammate can certainly be chuffed about.

In the early stages of the 2023 Grands Prix, Perez was vocal about his ambitions. He had his eyes on the world title. But, alas, that dream crumbled. The pressure of competing with the Red Bull driver was too much to handle.

Verstappen was on a roll, winning one race after another. He was so far ahead that Perez’s second place in the championship was hanging by a thread.

But why is Horner happy with Perez, you ask? Well, according to the Red Bull Racing team boss, Perez has done a stellar job in 2023. “Checo’s got the hardest job in the pit lane. I mean, going up against a talent like Max is no walk in the park. It’s a complete mind-bender,” Horner told Racer.

He went on to say, “It takes a strong person to deal with that. Sure, Checo had a few slip-ups during the year, but he’s always dusted himself off and gotten back up. I really admire that about him. Finishing second in the championship, his best ever year, is a fantastic result.”

Perez is all set to continue as the Dutchman’s teammate for another year, thanks to his contract with Red Bull Racing that extends until 2024. The upcoming season will be crucial, with many contracts on the grid set to expire and more players eyeing a spot. But according to Horner, it’s Perez’s seat to lose.

In other news, Perez has dismissed rumors of him quitting. “This is not how I wanted to end my career,” he said.

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