Horner’s Final Decision on Hamilton & Red Bull Soap Opera

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner confirmed that there had been contact from Lewis Hamilton‘s camp expressing interest in a potential Formula 1 seat with the team, but clarified that there were no secret talks or meetings.


‣ There had been talks between Lewis Hamilton’s camp and Red Bull Racing for a possible Formula 1 seat.
‣ Red Bull team boss, Christian Horner, clarified that there were no secret talks or meetings with Hamilton.
‣ Horner revealed that Hamilton’s camp was just expressing interest, which is not unusual.
‣ Horner confirmed that he had no direct conversations with Hamilton about driving for Red Bull.

So, what if Lewis Hamilton had been behind the wheel for Red Bull Racing this Formula One season? Imagine him racing alongside Max Verstappen. Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team boss, spills the beans. He admits there were discussions between the two sides. But his chat with RaceFans? It’s a bit more subtle, a bit more nuanced.

Hamilton’s camp reached out to the Austrian racing team. They were looking for a possible Formula 1 seat. Horner, the guy who’d already said a collaboration between a three-time world champ and a seven-time world champ might not end well, gives us a bit more insight. No secret talks, no hush-hush meetings, he insists.

Horner’s take on the Hamilton switch? “Had contact this year,” he says.

But then, ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Horner downplays the whole thing. “They were just expressing interest,” he says. “But that’s not unusual, let’s put it that way.” He hints it might be a bit uncomfortable for Hamilton, given his current team. “It’s not unusual for people to reach out,” he adds, trying to keep it casual.

Horner seems surprised at the thought of Hamilton not being informed. “You never know how managements work with different athletes,” he muses. He’s quick to clarify, though. “I have had no conversations directly with Lewis. There was no clandestine meetings with Lewis to talk about driving for Red Bull,” he says, wrapping up the matter.

And what about Verstappen’s take on Hamilton joining Red Bull? “What do I have to prove?” he asks. Interesting, huh?

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