Horner’s Hilarious Anecdote about Tsunoda: Did Yuki Really Say That?

Yuki Tsunoda‘s recent success on the track has made him a fan favorite despite his habit of swearing, a trait he picked up while driving for the English based AlphaTauri team.


‣ Yuki Tsunoda is scoring points in Formula 1, a sign of increased competitiveness for AlphaTauri
‣ Christian Horner, Team Boss of Red Bull Racing, is a fan of Tsunoda’s swearing and ranting
‣ Tsunoda’s first test in Formula 1 included swearing, showing a glimpse of his personality
‣ Tsunoda still swears despite living in Italy for several years

Yuki Tsunoda is showing an increased level of competitiveness within his career, by scoring points in the United States and Brazil. Although earlier in the season Shunoda struggled, things have since begun to look up for him. “With his swearing and ranting, Tsunoda has become a fan favorite,” according to Red Bull Racing’s team boss Christian Horner. The Japanese driver’s presence in Formula 1 was in part due to Horner’s influence. During a recent podcast, Horner recalled his first encounter with Tsunoda, commenting on the driver’s humorously unfiltered language use. The Red Bull boss recalls Tsunoda learning English while driving for an English team that was based on the outskirts of London. This led him to believe foul language was part of the English language. “So this little Japanese guy thought that motherf****r or the word f**k was just part of the English language, part of the English vocabulary,” Horner said.

Tsunoda’s language has not changed much, even after living in Italy for a few years. “It is common knowledge that AlphaTauri regularly indicates that it could all be a little less. But as the saying goes: you can take a Japanese out of the suburbs of London, but you apparently can’t take the suburbs of London out of the Japanese,” a quote explained. The increased level of competitiveness of his AlphaTauri is a clear sign that Yuki Tsunoda’s career is improving, just like his language skills.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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