Horner’s Reaction to Expired Budget Cap Penalty: Unraveling a Complex Rulebook

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner believes that the budget cap process is evolving and that the team experienced intense scrutiny from the FIA, resulting in compromised development time for this year’s car but allowing more time for next year’s car.


‣ Red Bull Racing exceeded its budget cap in 2021
‣ The penalty compromised the amount of development the team could do
‣ The team boss believes the cost cap process is evolving and the regulations are complex
‣ Red Bull was allowed to spend ten per cent less time in the wind tunnel as a punishment

Red Bull Racing recently faced a punishment for exceeding the budget cap, which affected their development for the year. Christian Horner, the team boss, acknowledges the impact it had on the team, stating, “You’ve not seen the full impact yet because it obviously has compromised the amount of development that we’ve been able to do this year.” Despite this setback, the team managed to start the season with a strong car and redirected their development time to next year’s car.

When asked about his thoughts on the budget cap, Horner commented on its evolving nature and the strict scrutiny they faced from the FIA. He described the process as a “full colonoscopy” experienced during the summer. The implementation of the budget cap aims to maintain fairness in Formula 1, and Red Bull was already limited in wind tunnel time due to their constructors’ championship title.

In conclusion, Red Bull Racing faced challenges due to their budget cap violation, leading to compromised development. However, Horner remains optimistic about their performance and sees the cost cap process as an evolving regulation in Formula 1. Despite the setback, the team has adapted and continued to deliver strong performances throughout the season.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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