How Hamilton’s Brother Discovered His Historic Transfer

Lewis Hamilton‘s last-minute transfer to Ferrari for 2025 took everyone by surprise, including Mercedes employees and his brother Nicolas, who found out through a hurried phone call from Lewis himself.


‣ Lewis Hamilton’s transfer to Ferrari was a last-minute announcement, catching even Mercedes employees and his brother, Nicolas Hamilton, by surprise.

‣ Rumors about Hamilton moving to Ferrari from 2025 emerged on a Thursday morning and were confirmed by both Mercedes and Ferrari by the evening.

‣ The news was so hastily announced that Lewis Hamilton felt it was imperative to inform his brother before he found out through the media, leading to a surprised reaction from Nicolas during a live broadcast on Instagram.

Lewis Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari? Yeah, it pretty much broke the internet. And not in the “oh, we saw it coming” way. More like a “what the heck just happened?” scenario. Mercedes folks? They had to drop everything and rush to the factory. Why? To get the scoop on Lewis’s move. And guess who was out of the loop too? Nicolas Hamilton, Lewis’s own brother. Imagine getting that call.

So, there I was, Thursday morning, scrolling through my feed, and bam! Rumors that Hamilton’s ditching Mercedes for Ferrari in 2025. At first, I thought, “Nah, just another baseless gossip.” But nope, the plot thickened by evening. Official statements from both teams hit the news. Mind. Blown.

### For Hamilton’s brother, the news also came as a surprise

Talk about a whirlwind. Lewis had to spill the beans to Nicolas before the world turned their morning scrolls into a frenzy. Nicolas, bless him, was in the middle of prepping for a speech. Yeah, the dude does public speaking. Cool, right? He’s mid-dinner, probably munching on something delicious, and his phone rings. It’s Lewis. But Nicolas is all, “Hey, bro, can I hit you back?” Little did he know.

Nicolas’s tale gets juicier. He tries to return the call, but Lewis is off to bed. Typical. But then, Lewis is like, “We need to chat. ASAP.” Nicolas, thinking it’s just brotherly banter, is like, “Sure, but I’ve got this speech, so later?” Lewis insists. And that’s when the bomb drops. “I’m heading to Ferrari in 2025.” Nicolas’s reaction? “Woah, are you for real? That’s nuts!”

Hamilton’s brother was floored. And honestly, who wouldn’t be? It’s not every day your sibling tells you they’re making one of the biggest moves in their career. He’s all, “Give me a sec,” and then, “Can we talk in private?” And when Lewis finally shares the news, it’s a total “drop the mic” moment. Nicolas couldn’t believe his ears. “You’re joking, right? This is huge!”

So, yeah, that’s the tea. Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari. A move that had everyone, including his own brother, saying, “Wait, what?” Just goes to show, in the world of Formula 1, expect the unexpected. And maybe keep your phone on. You never know when you’ll get that call.

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