How Verstappen Handles Weather Changes from Rain to Heat in Racing

Despite unpredictable weather conditions, from wet races at Zandvoort to extreme heat in Qatar, Max Verstappen won both races in the 2023 Formula 1 season, and he expects improvements in car cooling systems to help cope with heat in future races.


‣ Formula 1 cannot control the weather, which can create extreme conditions for races, such as wet conditions at Zandvoort and scorching heat in Qatar in 2023.
‣ Max Verstappen won both extreme races and revealed that the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort was a favorite of his, despite the pressure of the home crowd and the wet track.
‣ In Qatar, the heat and high humidity were challenging for the drivers, leaving them exhausted and dehydrated.
‣ Verstappen mentioned that there might be a cooling system in Formula 1 cars in the future to help with extreme heat conditions.

Formula 1 is all about precision. But there’s one thing it can’t control – the weather. In 2023, we saw it all. From unexpected rain at Zandvoort to blistering heat in Qatar. Max Verstappen, though? He won both.

Verstappen spilled the beans on a TikTok livestream last week. The Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort? His absolute favourite. Despite the pressure of a massive home crowd and a track that was soaking wet at two points, he kept his cool.

“Crazy race. Really crazy,” Verstappen said. “Keeping on track with slick tyres in the beginning, rain at the end. Cool race.” He had the advantage of not being bothered by the spray from predecessors as the front-runner. But he couldn’t rest easy. “When you’re at the front, you can’t risk too much. But you can’t go too slow either. You’ve got to find a middle ground. It’s an old school track. Make a mistake, you’re in the gravel. Race over.”

Red Bull with AC?

Qatar was a different story. Verstappen won his third world title there. But it was hot. And humid. Drivers were stepping out of their cars exhausted, dehydrated. “Ideally, you’d want it a bit cooler. It’s uncomfortable. Not nice. Everyone was struggling when they got out of the car,” Verstappen said.

Air conditioning in a Formula 1 car? Not possible. “No, not really,” Verstappen said. “But I think from next year on, there might be some kind of cooling system. That should help. The mandatory stops didn’t help either. You could push harder because you had limited laps. But next year should be better,” he believes.

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