International Media Reacts to Bahrain GP: F1 Dubbed Formula Verstappen

Max Verstappen‘s dominant victory at the Bahrain Grand Prix, despite Red Bull Racing’s earlier performance giving rivals hope, has been described by international media as an ominous display of superiority, with Verstappen and his teammate Carlos Sainz outperforming the competition and raising concerns about a lack of excitement and competitiveness in the season ahead.


‣ Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen’s dominant performance in the Bahrain Grand Prix sent a clear message to their rivals, with Verstappen winning comfortably despite controversies surrounding his team principal.

‣ Carlos Sainz’s aggressive race strategy paid off as he overtook both his Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc and Mercedes’ George Russell, securing a podium finish and earning high praise from international media.

‣ The international media, including BBC, Corriere della Sera, L’Equipe, Marca, and The Guardian, highlighted Verstappen’s and Red Bull’s superiority, with some drawing parallels to an “alien force” and expressing concerns over the potential lack of competition for the rest of the season.

‣ Despite Red Bull’s historical struggles at the Bahrain circuit, their performance in this race, particularly in race trim, has set a foreboding tone for the season, indicating they may once again be the team to beat.

Red Bull Racing’s stint in Bahrain was a rollercoaster. Initially, they gave their rivals a glimmer of hope. But then, Max Verstappen shifted gears. Oh, and let’s not forget Carlos Sainz. He zoomed past his Ferrari buddy, Charles Leclerc, and left Mercedes’ George Russell in the dust. The international press? They were spooked by Verstappen’s prowess.

BBC had its say. They painted Verstappen as a harbinger of doom for his F1 adversaries after his Bahrain blitz. Despite the buzz around team boss Christian Horner, Verstappen stayed laser-focused. His goal? Performance. And boy, did he deliver. He left his rivals eating dust, securing his 55th grand prix win. Meanwhile, Leclerc was having a tough time, and Sainz was keeping Perez on his toes.

Over in Italy, they’re calling Verstappen an extraterrestrial force. Corriere della Sera likened him to aliens from a sci-fi novel. According to them, Verstappen’s dominance is like an alien invasion, unchallenged and absolute.

L’Equipe from France wasn’t thrilled either. They admire the Verstappen-Red Bull duo but dread a monotonous F1 season. They see this partnership as a nightmare for fans craving excitement and unpredictability.

Marca, however, had words of praise for both Verstappen and Sainz. Verstappen’s victory at the Bahrain Grand Prix marked his 55th career win. But it was Sainz who stole the show for them. His fierce comeback and overtakes were the highlights, making his podium finish feel like a personal triumph.

The Guardian chimed in too. They noted Red Bull’s feared race pace was not just speculation. Last season hinted at their potential, and Bahrain confirmed it. Despite not being the fastest in a single lap, Red Bull, especially with Verstappen, is in a league of its own. Their performance at a track that’s not been their stronghold sent a clear message to their rivals.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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