Internet Reactions: Some Disagree with Hamilton Being the Greatest of All Time (GOAT)

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc were disqualified from the US Grand Prix in Formula 1, leading to mixed reactions from fans and pundits with sympathy for Mercedes and Ferrari, accusations against Red Bull, and praise for Max Verstappen‘s victory.


‣ Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc were disqualified from the US Grand Prix.
‣ Some fans expressed sympathy for Mercedes and Ferrari engineers who had to calculate the ride height based on limited practice time.
‣ There was disappointment and frustration among fans regarding Hamilton’s disqualification, with some feeling that he has been unfairly treated in the past.
‣ Max Verstappen secured his 50th victory in Formula 1 and demonstrated superior tactics and driving skills.

Formula 1 fans in Europe woke up to shocking news after the US Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc, both from Mercedes and Ferrari respectively, were disqualified, leaving many fans disappointed. Sky Sports pundit and former F1 driver Karun Chandhok expressed sympathy for Mercedes and Ferrari, highlighting the challenges of calculating the ride height based on limited practice time. He said, “On most occasions, it’s not a problem but at a track that’s become bumpier over time, it’s harder to guesstimate.”

One disappointed fan, OLA, expressed frustration with the sport’s leadership and certain fans who cannot acknowledge Hamilton’s greatness. OLA tweeted, “So sickened by it all. The sport leadership and some fans cannot handle that Hamilton is the GOAT on most podium wins – 191. They have stolen at least 2 world championships from him! I can’t watch.”

Another fan named Darran believed that Red Bull influenced the stewards’ decision to prevent Hamilton from achieving second place. Darran criticized Red Bull for breaking the rules and facing little consequences, tweeting, “Looks like Red Bull again paying the stewards off so Hamilton doesn’t get second. Red Bull breaks the rules all the time and gets a slap on the wrist.”

Not all the reactions were negative. Logan Sargeant, who scored his first point in Formula 1, had reason to celebrate after Hamilton and Leclerc’s disqualification. Social media user ChevitusZ shared a GIF of Sargeant waking up to the news and being ecstatic about his own achievement.

But the highlight of the day belonged to Max Verstappen, who secured his 50th victory in Formula 1. Despite facing problems with his RB19 and failing brakes, Verstappen showcased superior tactics and driving skills. User MARTIN.E.MICHAEL LLB BL tweeted, “Max Verstappen winning the F1 race at Austin yesterday from 6th on the grid and with failing brakes was a demonstration of superior tactics from Red Bull and a masterclass in driving by a super talented racer.”

While Hamilton’s disqualification was met with disappointment and frustration from fans, it was also a day of celebration for other drivers like Logan Sargeant and Max Verstappen. Formula 1 continues to provide thrilling moments, igniting a range of emotions among fans worldwide.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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