Internet Reacts to RB20: Red Bull Predicted to Dominate Again

The internet reacted with a mix of humor, excitement, and skepticism to the launch of Red Bull Racing’s new RB20 car, which looks very similar to last year’s championship-winning car.


‣ Red Bull Racing launched their new car, the RB20, which appears very similar to last year’s model used by world champion Max Verstappen.

‣ The internet reacted with a mix of humor and sharp commentary to the RB20’s launch, showcasing a variety of opinions and memes.

‣ Some users expressed excitement and support for the new livery and design, predicting another dominant season for Red Bull.

‣ Others focused on the similarities between the RB20 and its predecessors, joking about the lack of visible changes or innovations.

Red Bull Racing just dropped their latest creation, the RB20. And oh boy, did it get people talking online. Seems like the Austrian squad’s new beast looks a lot like last year’s champ. Here’s what the internet had to say about it.

### Internet reacts to RB20 launch

“Did you see? That F1 car’s got SHOULDERS,” tweets Matt Gallagher, linking to a pic that’s got everyone buzzing. [Check it out here](

Alex chimes in with, “My thoughts on this livery…” and slaps a pic that’s worth a thousand words. [See for yourself](

Then there’s DFG, barely containing the excitement, “Omg look at the new livery!!” Can you feel the hype?

And not everyone’s a fan, but @afreebirdiee isn’t having any of it. “Look at all the haters here hahahaha. RedBull gonna destroy again, keep crying.”

Simmi’s got a point, though. “RB18 – RB19 – RB20. But we’ll be there!” [Here’s the proof](

Tom and luquinhas don’t say much, but their pics? They speak volumes. [Tom’s pic]( and [luquinhas’s pic]( are worth checking out.

Alex, again, with “My thoughts on the livery…” because one tweet wasn’t enough. [Take a look](

And Mattzel89? “Everyone looking for the #RB20 sidepod inlets.” [Here’s what they found](

So, there you have it. The RB20’s causing quite the stir. Some love it, some don’t, but everyone’s talking about it. What’s your take?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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