Internet’s Funny Alternatives to Verstappen’s Time Cover

Max Verstappen is the first Dutch sportsman to be on the cover of Time magazine, and after him, entertaining variations of other F1 drivers appearing on the cover are gaining popularity on the internet.


‣ Max Verstappen was the first Dutch sportsman ever to grace the cover of Time magazine.
‣ Ocon and Leclerc were F1 drivers who also preceded Verstappen on the magazine’s cover, with creative internet users coming up with funny variations on Verstappen’s edition.
‣ Variations on the magazine cover included humorous takes on Ocon and Leclerc, changing their words and title of the cover.
‣ Red Bull team principal Christian Horner shares a funny anecdote about his newfound fame, due to the Netflix series Drive to Survive.

Max Verstappen recently made history, becoming the first Dutch sportsman to appear on the cover of Time magazine and the internet has, predictably, come up with its own variations on that theme. However, some individuals are having a bit of fun with other F1 fan favorites.
Following Verstappen’s cover, the online community took things into their own hands by producing some amusing versions of Time magazine covers featuring other F1 stars. “The most recent F1 drivers to precede Verstappen on the magazine’s cover are Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher.” We have new”terrible” and “ridiculous” suggestions made.”
For Esteban Ocon, the word ‘Stoppable’ is used which is a great contrast to ‘Unstoppable’ given the driver’s capabilities. In addition, the cover does not carry the title Time, but an alternative, Time Penalty, thereby embracing humor related to racing events. Charles Leclerc‘s cover also uses an alternative headline and includes quotes, such as ‘Unlucky’ and ‘We are checking’, a nod to Ferrari.
Max Verstappen comes with an exclusive interview, and Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, shared a humorous story about his newly acquired celebrity status thanks to the Netflix show ‘Drive to Survive’. Amongst it all, there was “a sense of humor and fun” as well.

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