Is Alex Albon Still an Option for Red Bull? Absolutely!

James Vowles announced Alex Albon’s contract extension with Williams until 2025, amidst speculation of his potential move to Red Bull or Mercedes, highlighting the fluid nature of Formula 1 contracts and Albon’s open stance on his future.


‣ Alex Albon has a contract with Williams until the end of 2025, which was confirmed by team boss James Vowles, countering speculation about Albon’s future and potential moves to Red Bull Racing or Mercedes.

‣ Despite Albon’s contract with Williams, there is strong interest from Red Bull Racing and Mercedes in acquiring him, especially with Red Bull considering him as a potential replacement for Sergio Perez and Mercedes looking for a successor to Lewis Hamilton.

‣ Contracts in Formula 1 are often seen as flexible, with possibilities for drivers to move teams for a fee or under certain conditions, suggesting that Albon could still switch teams despite his current contract with Williams.

‣ Alex Albon himself has not ruled out a move to either Red Bull Racing or Mercedes, indicating an openness to changing teams despite his commitment to Williams, which adds an element of uncertainty to his future in F1.

Oh boy, it seemed like a bit of a bummer for the big guns, Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. At the new car reveal, James Vowles, the boss man at the team, dropped a bombshell. Alex Albon? He’s tied up with Williams till 2025. No need for Red Bull or Mercedes to even think about knocking on that door. But, as we all know, things in F1 are never that black and white.

Lando Norris is off the market, cozied up with McLaren. This has everyone whispering about Alex Albon. He’s the hot topic, possibly snagging Sergio Perez’s spot at Red Bull post-season. Red Bull’s stance? Perez has a shot, sure, but he’s gotta shine this year.

Then there’s Daniel Ricciardo, itching for another go at Red Bull. Despite some, uh, questionable behavior putting Christian Horner’s future up in the air, Ricciardo remains his golden boy. Helmut Marko? Not so much on Team Ricciardo, especially not for pairing him with Max Verstappen again. Yet, Marko’s got an eye on Albon’s moves.

### Mercedes seeks successor for Hamilton

With Lewis Hamilton waving goodbye, Mercedes is on the hunt for someone to team up with George Russell. Carlos Sainz‘s name pops up, but so does Albon’s. Thanks to a sweet deal on power units and Vowles’ past as a strategy guru at Mercedes, Williams and Mercedes are pretty tight. Everyone thought Albon was Williams’ till 2024, leaving him free for 2025. Plot twist: he’s signed till the end of 2025. Vowles played it cool, hinting that all the speculation was just that. Speculation.

### Contracts in Formula 1 mean little

Vowles knows the F1 contract game is flimsy at best. Albon’s contract probably has a loophole for a move, assuming a hefty fee. And even if it doesn’t, who’s to say a fat check from Red Bull or Mercedes couldn’t change things? Albon’s reaction was equally intriguing. He didn’t shut down the idea of bouncing back to his old team or joining Mercedes. Starting with a nod to his goals at Williams, he left the door open, acknowledging the allure of top teams eyeing the same drivers for 2025 and 2026 due to upcoming regulation changes. No firm ‘no’ to the big teams, but also no solid ‘yes’ to Williams. Seems like all three teams got the memo from Albon’s carefully chosen words.

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