Jack Doohan Quits F2: Limited Gains in Decision

Australian driver Jack Doohan will not be returning to Formula 2 in 2024 as he focuses on his reserve role with the Alpine F1 Team and aims for a Formula 1 career, although he has not yet secured a spot, but he is also open to the possibility of WEC before potentially returning to F1 in 2025.


‣ Jack Doohan will not return to Formula 2 in 2024.
‣ He will concentrate on his reserve role with the Alpine F1 Team.
‣ His goal is to have a Formula 1 career.
‣ A step sideways to the World Endurance Championship is not off the cards.

Jack Doohan, the Australian driver currently ranked number four in the F2 standings, has announced that he will not be returning to Formula 2 in 2024. Instead, he will be focusing on his reserve role with the Alpine F1 Team and pursuing his dream of a Formula 1 career. Doohan acknowledges that his previous two seasons in the racing class have not gone according to plan, but he believes that he has still been able to showcase his capabilities.

In an interview with Autosport.com, Doohan stated, “Doing another year in F2, if you win it, you’re expected [to], if you don’t, you may as well… There’s not much to gain.” He recognizes that staying in F2 for another season would not greatly benefit his career progression. Although his ultimate goal is F1, he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a sideways move to the World Endurance Championship (WEC).

While Doohan’s direction for 2024 is yet to be confirmed, he remains determined to reach Formula 1. He explained, “What we’re really targeting, even if I was to venture out to WEC, the plan would be to come back to F1 in 2025. The team are happy with the work that we’re doing, and the trajectory that we’re going for.” It’s clear that Doohan and the Alpine F1 Team are aligned in their career objectives.

Doohan’s recent opportunity from Alpine in the upcoming races in Mexico and Abu Dhabi also highlights the team’s satisfaction with his performance. This chance to participate in F1 events further motivates Doohan to continue striving for success in the sport. Regardless of whether he decides to venture into WEC or stay focused on F1, Doohan’s determination and talent make him a promising prospect for the future.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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