Jordan Calls Mercedes’ Lag Behind Verstappen Ridiculous

Eddie Jordan expressed on the Formula For Success podcast that despite hopes for a competitive season, Max Verstappen is likely to dominate again, with teams like McLaren and Ferrari improving but still not in the same league as Red Bull, particularly highlighting Mercedes’ struggles to compete.


‣ People still had hopes for a more exciting season, but it looks like Max Verstappen will have another dominant year according to Eddie Jordan.

‣ Towards the end of 2023, McLaren and Ferrari showed improvement, sparking hopes they could challenge Red Bull in 2024.

‣ Eddie Jordan commented on the significant gap between Mercedes and Verstappen, suggesting Mercedes and other teams are not in the same league as Red Bull.

‣ Jordan specifically pointed out Mercedes’ poor start to the season and doubted their ability to compete with Red Bull, highlighting Verstappen’s significant lead in points.

Everyone was crossing their fingers, hoping this season would be the thriller we all craved. Yet, it seems Max Verstappen is on track to leave everyone in the dust. Again. Eddie Jordan, dropping his thoughts on the Formula For Success podcast, couldn’t hide his disappointment. It’s a bummer, really, seeing the other teams lag behind.

As 2023 was winding down, McLaren started showing some muscle, finally making it to the podium more often. And let’s not forget Ferrari. They were on fire in the latter half of the season, snagging several pole positions left and right. Fans of both teams were buzzing with one big question: Could 2024 be the year they outpace Red Bull?

Jordan on ‘ridiculous’ gap between Mercedes and Verstappen

But Eddie Jordan seems to think that’s a tall order. He recently mused, “Four weeks ago, everyone was like, ‘Hey, maybe McLaren’s got a trick up their sleeve. They might just pull this off.’ But nah, they’re not even close to Red Bull’s league.” And Mercedes? According to Jordan, they’re just floundering around. Though, he did tip his hat to Fred at Ferrari. Seems like he’s itching to give Lewis [Hamilton] a run for his money.

Red Bull’s in a league of its own, and Jordan believes Mercedes is feeling the sting the most. “It’s like déjà vu, right? They had a rough start last year and never really caught up. Max is already sitting pretty with, what, 51 points? It’s almost comical. How’s Mercedes supposed to bridge that gap?” For Jordan, it’s clear as day. Aside from Ferrari, he can’t see anyone posing a real threat to Red Bull’s dominance.

So, here we are, folks. Another season where the suspense is less about who will win and more about who can even come close. It’s a bit of a letdown, but hey, that’s racing for you. Sometimes, it’s just unpredictable like that.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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