Jordan Questions Red Bull-Horner Situation as Most Absurd Ever

Eddie Jordan criticizes the internal conflict and investigation surrounding Christian Horner at Red Bull Racing as absurd, highlighting the division between Austrian and Thai ownership and the significant damage to the team’s image.


‣ Eddie Jordan expresses suspicion and concern over the internal conflict within Red Bull Racing, highlighting a divide between the Austrian and Thai branches of the company regarding team boss Christian Horner’s position.

‣ An investigation into Christian Horner for alleged inappropriate behavior has been initiated, with Horner denying all allegations.

‣ Eddie Jordan criticizes the situation as “absurd” and points out the significant damage to Red Bull’s image, emphasizing the dilemma of whether Horner or the accuser is at fault.

‣ Oliver Mintzlaff, owning only 49% of Red Bull Racing, lacks the authority to dismiss Horner, while Thai owner Chalerm Yoovidhya supports keeping Horner, showcasing a power struggle within the organization.

Eddie Jordan’s got his eyebrows raised, that’s for sure. He’s peering over at the drama unfolding in Christian Horner’s corner with a kind of wary fascination. It’s like watching a soap opera, but with faster cars and bigger egos. Red Bull Austria’s itching to show Horner the door, but the Thai branch? They’re not even entertaining the thought.

Oliver Mintzlaff, stepping into Dietrich Mateschitz’s giant shoes, seems keen to cut ties with the British team boss. And Jordan? He’s not holding back his thoughts, disgusted by the whole mess.

Now, there’s this investigation hovering over Horner. The man’s found himself in hot water, accused of behavior that’s far from okay. Horner, on his end, swears he’s innocent.

### Jordan calls Red Bull situation ‘absurd’

“I’ve seen some head-scratchers in my time,” Jordan tells F1 Insider, shaking his head. “But this? This takes the cake.” He can’t wrap his head around the Red Bull saga. “Horner’s innocent until proven guilty, sure. But are we really supposed to believe these accusations are just plucked from thin air?” He poses a tough question: if Horner’s not at fault, does that mean the accuser is? According to Jordan, Red Bull’s reputation is taking a serious hit. “It’s time for someone to step up,” he insists.

But here’s the kicker: Mintzlaff’s hands are tied. Owning just 49% of Red Bull Racing means he’s short of the clout needed to give Horner the boot. And Chalerm Yoovidhya? He’s standing firm, ready to move heaven and earth to keep Horner on board. Ralf Schumacher’s been vocal about the mess, pointing fingers at the Thai ownership’s shortcomings.

It’s a tangled web, alright. One that’s got everyone talking, guessing, and wondering what’s next.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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