Jos Verstappen Concerned Over Lingering Tensions at Red Bull

Jos Verstappen emphasizes the need for peace within Red Bull Racing amidst ongoing internal tensions, though he believes it will take time, while Max Verstappen focuses on continuing his winning streak in Formula 1 despite the turmoil.


‣ Jos Verstappen emphasizes the need for calm within Red Bull Racing amidst ongoing tensions, but doesn’t foresee peace returning soon.

‣ The team is divided into factions: the Christian Horner camp, the Red Bull Austria camp, and the Verstappen camp, following an investigation into Horner.

‣ Jos Verstappen highlights the importance of focusing on racing and hopes the team can concentrate on the sport again soon despite the internal issues.

‣ Max Verstappen continues to perform exceptionally, winning races and maintaining a strong relationship with his engineers, despite the turmoil within the team.

Jos Verstappen’s dropping some real talk about the vibes at Red Bull Racing. Calm? Not happening anytime soon, he reckons. But hey, Max? That guy just keeps on cruising to victory lane.

Red Bull Racing’s got more drama than your favorite soap opera right now. Ever since they wrapped up that investigation into Christian Horner, it’s like picking sides in a high school cafeteria. You’ve got Team Horner, Team Red Bull Austria, and Team Verstappen. Jos is pretty sure this isn’t going to smooth out quickly.

### Verstappen wants peace within Red Bull Racing
Jos is like, “Peace would be great, but let’s be real—it’s gonna take a minute.” He’s not spilling much, but he’s crossing his fingers they’ll get back to focusing on the races. Oh, and by the way, he snagged another rally race win this weekend. Casual mention, right?

Meanwhile, Max is in his own world. Dad notes, “He’s all about winning, no matter what.” The car’s a beast, and the team’s clicking. Sure, Max gets bombarded with questions about the drama. Not his favorite thing, but hey, that’s F1 for you.

Next stop for Max? The Australian Grand Prix. He’s on a hot streak with two wins already. Heading to Melbourne, he’s eyeing his tenth consecutive win. Can he do it? Stay tuned.

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