Jos Verstappen discusses Max’s difficult upbringing & how it shaped him.

Jos Verstappen believes that Max Verstappen‘s success in Formula 1 is not only due to his natural talent, but also to the tough upbringing he received from his father, which built the foundations for his confidence and fearlessness in the sport.


‣ Max Verstappen’s father, Jos, acknowledges that his son’s tough upbringing has shaped him into the person he is today.
‣ Jos Verstappen believes that treating his son hard and being strict with him at the beginning of his career have laid the foundations for his success.
‣ The former F1 driver is amazed by Max’s achievements, stating that they have exceeded his expectations.
‣ Max Verstappen’s love for what he does, having a good car, and being surrounded by a strong team are factors contributing to his fantastic performance.

Max Verstappen’s success in Formula 1 is not just a result of his natural talent, but also the result of a tough upbringing, according to his father, Jos Verstappen. In an interview with Sky Sports Italy, Jos expressed pride in his son’s achievements but also revealed the strict and hard treatment Max received during the early stages of his career.

Jos acknowledges that Max needed this tough upbringing in order to lay the foundations for his current success. “I was hard on him, and I was strict, but because of that, he has become what he is,” Jos said. This upbringing has instilled confidence in Max and has made him unafraid of any challenge he faces on the track.

The former F1 driver admits that Max’s success has exceeded his expectations. “I didn’t expect him to be so good,” Jos admitted. Max’s impressive race wins and overall performance have surprised even his father. Jos attributes this success to Max’s love for the sport, his talented driving skills, and the support of a strong team.

In conclusion, Max Verstappen’s success in Formula 1 is not solely due to his natural talent, but also the result of a strict and tough upbringing guided by his father, Jos Verstappen. This upbringing has shaped Max into the confident and fearless driver he is today, exceeding his father’s expectations. With his love for the sport and the support of his team, Max has been able to achieve remarkable success in his racing career.

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