Jos Verstappen & Horner’s Discussion in Bahrain: Key Points

Jos Verstappen still believes Christian Horner should resign from Red Bull Racing despite a conversation after the Bahrain Grand Prix aimed at resolving their conflict, amidst ongoing turmoil within the team and unresolved issues related to a complaint against Horner.


‣ Jos Verstappen believes Christian Horner should leave Red Bull Racing despite a conversation they had in Bahrain aiming to resolve their differences.

‣ There is ongoing turmoil within Red Bull Racing, with Christian Horner hoping past issues were resolved, but conflicts persist, highlighted by the suspension of a female team member who filed a complaint against Horner.

‣ Jos Verstappen and Christian Horner had a heated argument during the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend, but later attempted to reconcile, with Horner asking for Verstappen’s trust and promising to support his son, Max Verstappen.

‣ Despite attempts at reconciliation, Jos Verstappen remains unsatisfied, continuing to support the suspended woman who filed a complaint against Horner and maintaining that Horner should resign from his position.

Jos Verstappen, it seems, hasn’t quite buried the hatchet with Christian Horner. Despite a chat in Bahrain, things are still a bit frosty. Jos spilled the beans on their conversation.

Red Bull Racing’s got a storm brewing. At a presser in Saudi Arabia, Horner was all hopeful, talking about moving past issues. But, uh, doesn’t look like we’re there yet. Before this, there was buzz about a lady being put on pause by the team. And then, Helmut Marko hinted he might be hitting the pause button too.

### What Verstappen and Horner Chewed Over

So, Jos Verstappen’s off racing in Belgium, missing the drama in Jeddah. Post-Bahrain Grand Prix, he and Horner had a heart-to-heart. Jos was fuming post-qualifying and ditched a meeting with Christian. They caught up again on Saturday, post-race. Red Bull’s stance? All’s well that ends well.

“He’s like, ‘You trust me? I’m all in for your son.’ And we’re there, gesturing, no actual fight. But yeah, Friday was a different story. Had a bit of a clash in the office, and I stormed out. Later, in the trailer, he’s all ‘Congrats, good race,'” Jos shared with the Daily Mail.

Yet, Jos’s words hint at unresolved tensions. He’s still on the ‘Horner should step down’ train. Plus, he’s backing the woman who raised a complaint against Horner, the same one now sidelined by the team.

Talk about a plot twist, huh?

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