Jos Verstappen Stops Advising Max but Shares His Observations

Three-time world champion Max Verstappen credits his father Jos, a former Formula 1 driver, for his success, but Jos now leaves the driving to Max, only offering advice if he sees his son make a mistake on the track.


‣ Max Verstappen, a three-time world champion, received significant guidance and support from his father, Jos Verstappen, a former Formula 1 driver.
‣ Jos Verstappen used to accompany Max to all his races, providing instructions and feedback to help him improve.
‣ Jos Verstappen would also correct Max’s mistakes, contributing to his development as a successful driver.
‣ Although Jos no longer gives Max instructions, he still discusses Max’s actions on the track, maintaining an honest and straightforward relationship.

Max Verstappen’s success? He’s got his dad, Jos, to thank for that. The three-time world champ got a ton of support from his old man, a former Formula 1 driver himself. But now? Jos has stepped back, letting Max do his thing, as he revealed to

Jos was always there for Max, from kart races in Italy to his first spin in a race car. Always had a tip or two for Max, always ready to point out a mistake. Sure, he could be tough, but it’s what made Max the driver he is today.

But those days of constant instruction? They’re history. Max’s got more world championships to his name than his dad’s podium finishes. But don’t think Jos has completely checked out. He still chats with Max about his track performance. As he puts it, “I tell him what I see. Like if he pulls a move that I think crosses the line, we talk about it.” The best part? Their honesty. Max is always upfront, and that’s just how they roll.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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