Krack Says Criticism of Las Vegas GP is Overblown, Notes Similar Issues Elsewhere

Aston Martin team boss, Mike Krack, believes the reaction to the loose water valve cover incident under Carlos Sainz‘s car during a race in Las Vegas was overly extreme, stating that such incidents can occur and have happened in other places.


‣ Mike Krack, Aston Martin team boss, believes the reaction to the water valve cover incident during a race in Las Vegas was too extreme.
‣ The incident, which caused a hole in the cockpit of Carlos Sainz’s car, led to the cancellation of the first free practice and the rescheduling of the second.
‣ Krack defended the event organization, stating that such incidents can happen and have occurred in other places.
‣ He also highlighted the differences between racing in the US and Europe, suggesting that there is a need to be open and learn how events are run in the US.

Mike Krack has an opinion. He reckons the reaction to Carlos Sainz’s loose water valve cover in Las Vegas was overblown, as he shared with

Now, this is a hot topic. That darn cover caused a hole in the cockpit of Sainz’s car. The result? The first free practice got axed right off the bat. The second one? They pushed it to 2.30am local time. Fans? Nah, they weren’t invited to this practice.

Verstappen, on a side note, had a memory to share. He won his first title here. He’ll never forget that.

Krack, though, he’s not happy with the criticism. It’s been raining critiques on the event’s organization. Krack, the Aston Martin team boss, thinks it’s all a bit much. He said, “We had the unfortunate situation on Friday, obviously. But reactions? They went a bit too extreme. These things can happen, and they have happened in other places.”

Looking back, Krack sees a great event. It was different, and they knew it would be. Racing in the US isn’t like racing in Europe. But, according to Krack, we need to be open and learn how the Yanks run their events.

Meanwhile, Horner had something to say about Hamilton’s switch. Apparently, they had contact this year. And Ocon? He missed the press day ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Poor guy was sick.

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