Las Vegas Grand Prix Weather Forecast: How Cold Will It Get?

The Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend was initially concerning due to low temperatures, but it does not seem to be as big of an issue as expected, with temperatures around 15c and a reduced chance of rain during the race.


– Concern about cold temperatures during the Las Vegas Grand Prix
– Drivers struggling to get grip due to cold temperatures
– Consequences for Pirelli tyres due to low temperatures
– Reduced chance of rain for the race

It was previously expected that cold temperatures could make the Las Vegas Grand Prix a difficult race for drivers, but this worry seems to have been lessened. While it will still be cold in Formula 1 terms, it won’t be quite as cold as initially predicted. On the first day of action and during the final minutes of qualifying, drivers had difficulty finding grip due to the cold conditions.

The weather forecast for the Las Vegas Grand Prix predicts a low chance of rain at just 2% for the race, which is set to start at 22:00 local time on Saturday evening. The temperature will be around 15c at the start of the race, dropping to 14C as the evening progresses. According to Patrese, “The city is likely to enjoy clear skies and cool temperatures, which should be manageable for an exciting night of racing.”

Regarding the placement of the race on the calendar, Ross Brawn admitted that the sport didn’t factor in low temperatures in Las Vegas. However, despite the challenges cold temperatures might pose for Pirelli tires, it’s unlikely to be as cold as anticipated. The tire company has taken potential issues into account, suggesting that the race will continue as planned.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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