Lawson Doubts His Eyes: Max’s Unbelievable Comfort

Liam Lawson, as Daniel Ricciardo‘s replacement in 2023, has shown promise but must be patient without a seat this season, admiring and learning from Max Verstappen and Red Bull, with rumors suggesting a potential seat for him in 2025, while also observing the confidence difference between Verstappen and Hamilton in their respective cars.


‣ Liam Lawson, as Daniel Ricciardo’s replacement in 2023, showed promise but has to wait for a racing seat, learning in the meantime from the likes of Max Verstappen and the Red Bull team.

‣ Despite not securing a seat for the current season, Lawson is optimistic about his future in Formula 1, with rumors suggesting he might be promised a seat for 2025 by Red Bull.

‣ Lawson admires Verstappen’s confidence with the Red Bull car, contrasting it with Lewis Hamilton‘s struggles, highlighting the importance of a driver’s confidence in their car’s performance.

‣ The difference in performance and confidence between Verstappen and Hamilton is attributed to their respective cars, with Verstappen’s precision and comfort in the Red Bull car being a key factor in his success.

Liam Lawson? Oh, he’s the real deal. Stepping into Daniel Ricciardo’s shoes in 2023, he’s shown he’s got what it takes. But, here’s the kicker – no seat for him this season. Yeah, you heard that right. Disappointed? Sure, he is. But Lawson’s not losing sleep over it. He’s got his eyes glued to Max Verstappen, soaking up every bit of wisdom from the triple world champ.

Now, about 2025. The buzz around the paddock last year was hard to ignore. When Visa Cash App RB decided to keep Ricciardo for another year, whispers started. They said Dr. Marko had Lawson’s back, promising him a seat in 2025. So, what’s Lawson doing? He’s biding his time, learning from the best – Red Bull and Verstappen.

Lawson’s choice? No brainer. Red Bull, all the way. “Direct access to all the info,” he says. He’s watching Verstappen, learning the ropes, and getting a feel for how the team ticks. As the test and reserve driver for the Austrian outfit, he’s in a sweet spot.

Now, let’s shift gears to Verstappen and Hamilton. Red Bull’s RB20? A masterpiece. Lawson sees it – Verstappen’s confidence is off the charts. Hamilton, on the other hand, seems to be wrestling with his car. Not 100% happy, not 100% confident. Every qualifying lap, every turn, it’s a gamble.

But Verstappen? He’s in a league of his own. The RB20 and him? A match made in heaven. Lawson spills the beans on Sky Sports’ F1 podcast. Jeddah’s qualifying lap? Perfection. Verstappen’s flirting with the walls, nailing every apex. Turn 4, Turn 10, Turn 22 – he’s on point, thanks to his unshakeable confidence in the car. That, Lawson says, is what shaves off those crucial seconds.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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