Lawson on Standby: Red Bull’s Plan for Me To Step In

Liam Lawson, the reserve driver for Red Bull, is uncertain when he will have the opportunity to race again, as he does not have a permanent seat for next year, but he remains positive and hopeful for a substitute drive in 2024.


‣ Liam Lawson is unsure when he will race again without a permanent seat for next year.
‣ Lawson impressed during the five F1 weekends he completed as a replacement for Daniel Ricciardo.
‣ Lawson has yet to confirm a seat in Super Formula after losing the championship to Ritomo Miyata.
‣ Lawson remains positive and trusts the choices Red Bull has made for him for next year.

Title: Liam Lawson Remains Positive Despite Uncertain Future

Paragraph 1:
Liam Lawson, the talented New Zealand driver, finds himself unsure about his racing future after five impressive replacements for Daniel Ricciardo at AlphaTauri. With no permanent seat secured for next year, Lawson’s prospects may seem uncertain. However, he remains optimistic and hopes for a substitute drive in 2024.

Paragraph 2:
Taking over from the injured Ricciardo during the Dutch GP weekend, Lawson showcased his skills and left a lasting impression during the five F1 weekends he competed in. However, despite his impressive performances, he was not offered a permanent seat by AlphaTauri. Adding to his worries, Lawson has yet to secure a seat in the Super Formula Championship, which he narrowly lost to Ritomo Miyata recently.

Paragraph 3:
Despite these challenges, Lawson maintains a positive attitude and is grateful to still be part of the Red Bull family. In an interview with, he expresses his goal of racing again and his aspiration to reach Formula 1. While he awaits another opportunity on the sidelines, Lawson is determined to stay prepared and focused for his chance. Nevertheless, his return to Super Formula is uncertain, with Ayumu Iwasa reportedly named as his replacement alongside Tomoki Nojiri.

Paragraph 4:
Lawson retains his confidence in the choices Red Bull has made for his future. He finds solace in the team’s plans for him in 2024, where he is expected to assume the reserve role for both AlphaTauri and Red Bull. Recognizing the team’s trust in him, Lawson states, “They want me to be 100% focused on being ready at any point.”

In conclusion, despite the uncertain path that lies ahead, Liam Lawson remains positive and determined to seize future racing opportunities. With support from the Red Bull family and a focus on his long-term goal of Formula 1, Lawson continues to prepare himself for the challenges that lie ahead.

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