Leclerc Breaks Silence on Shocking Ferrari News Involving Hamilton

Charles Leclerc has issued a warning to his future Ferrari teammate Lewis Hamilton, emphasizing his determination to win championships and not settle for second place, amidst a backdrop of surprising Formula 1 news including Hamilton’s move to Ferrari and an investigation into Red Bull’s team principal.


‣ Charles Leclerc has issued a warning to his future teammate, Lewis Hamilton, indicating he does not intend to play second fiddle at Ferrari, emphasizing his sole target is to win the championship.

‣ The Formula 1 world has been abuzz with major news, including Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari in 2025 and an investigation into Red Bull team principal Christian Horner.

‣ For the 2024 season, Leclerc is focused on closing the gap with Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen, acknowledging Red Bull’s significant advantage and expressing determination to challenge for the championship.

‣ Leclerc shares a special relationship with his current teammate, Carlos Sainz, highlighting their friendship both on and off the track and the significant amount of time they spend together due to the demanding F1 schedule.

Charles Leclerc broke his silence. For the first time since the bombshell about Lewis Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari shook the Formula 1 scene, he’s spoken up. Yet, he didn’t dive into specifics about the move. Instead, Leclerc sent a clear message to his future teammate.

This time of year? It’s usually quiet, the lull before the storm. But lately, the F1 world’s been anything but calm. Right now, everyone’s buzzing about the investigation into Red Bull’s Christian Horner. However, just a heartbeat ago, it was Hamilton’s leap to Ferrari in 2025 that had everyone talking.

### Leclerc fires warning at Hamilton

Leclerc, steering clear of the Hamilton buzz, laid down a marker. “Winning the championship is my only goal. I’m not here for second place,” he stated, per the Daily Mail. But he’s realistic, too. “You’ve gotta set achievable goals, right? Still, we push to do our absolute best.”

Looking ahead to the 2024 season, Leclerc’s eyes are on Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen. “We’re all in it to win. But Red Bull? They had a leg up last year. Our mission? Close that gap and challenge them head-on.”

### Leclerc has a special relationship with Sainz

As for his bond with Carlos Sainz, it’s unique. They’re wrapping up their fourth season as Ferrari teammates. “Carlos and I? We’ve got something special. Sure, we’re competitors, but off the track, we’re mates. Honestly, I see Carlos more than my own family, what with 24 races a year,” Leclerc shared.

In a nutshell, Leclerc’s message is loud and clear. He’s not settling for anything less than victory. And with Hamilton joining the fray, the dynamics at Ferrari are about to get even more interesting.

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