Leclerc Set to Challenge Red Bull: A Positive Indicator

Charles Leclerc expressed delight over Ferrari’s performance at the Australian GP, where he finished second behind teammate Carlos Sainz, marking Ferrari’s first 1-2 finish since Bahrain 2022, and emphasized the importance of their pace over Red Bull as a motivating factor for the championship.


‣ Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz secured a Ferrari 1-2 finish at the Melbourne Grand Prix, marking the team’s first since Bahrain in 2022, with Leclerc finishing second. This result has significantly boosted Leclerc’s morale, especially given Ferrari’s impressive pace that surpassed Red Bull’s in Australia.

‣ Ferrari is closely trailing Red Bull in the constructors championship, with 93 points to Red Bull’s 97, following the Australian Grand Prix. This tight margin has intensified the competition between the two teams.

‣ Leclerc expressed his delight with the Australian GP result, highlighting it as a crucial moment for Ferrari as it demonstrated their capability to genuinely compete with and potentially outpace Red Bull, a feat that has been challenging in recent times.

‣ Despite the positive outcome in Melbourne, Leclerc acknowledges that Ferrari still has considerable work to do to consistently outperform Red Bull, especially in race conditions. He emphasized the importance of maximizing results whenever opportunities arise, as was done in Australia, to maintain pressure on Red Bull in the championship race.

Charles Leclerc snagged a second-place finish in Melbourne, right behind his teammate Carlos Sainz. It was a momentous occasion – the first Ferrari 1-2 since Bahrain in 2022. Despite not taking the top spot, Leclerc’s spirits were high. Ferrari’s pace was something else, outstripping Red Bull in Australia.

Oh, and about Red Bull? They’re leading the constructors’ championship with 97 points after the Australian GP. But Ferrari? They’re hot on their heels with 93 points. In the press conference, Leclerc shared his thoughts. He was buzzing about Ferrari’s performance and how it’s fueled his drive to take on Red Bull.

### Leclerc delighted with Australian GP result

“It’s a big deal for us,” Leclerc began. “Beating Red Bull? It’s been ages since we could say we had the pace for that. I won’t say we had it all under control – who knows what Max’s real pace was. But right from FP1, we felt it. Pole position and a win were within our grasp thanks to our tyre degradation and overall pace. It’s a good sign, a very good sign.”

But then, a moment of reflection. “Look, the first three races? Red Bull had us beat in two. We’ve still got a mountain of work ahead. But that’s the game, isn’t it? When victory’s within reach, you grab it. This weekend, Carlos grabbed it. Me? I bagged second and the fastest lap. We squeezed every point we could from those races. And we’ll keep at it, pushing until our car consistently outpaces Red Bull, especially in the races.”

Leclerc’s words were a mix of pride and determination. Ferrari’s showing in Australia wasn’t just a win; it was a statement. They’re in this fight, and they’re not backing down.

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