Lewis Hamilton Team Exits Extreme E Project Immediately

Lewis Hamilton and his X44 team are leaving the Extreme E electric rally racing series after three successful seasons, citing pride in their diversity and sustainability efforts, amidst broader changes in the series towards hydrogen use.


‣ Lewis Hamilton and his team X44 are leaving Extreme E, the electric rally racing class, after three successful seasons.

‣ X44, owned by Lewis Hamilton, won multiple races and a world championship during their time in Extreme E.

‣ The team is proud of its efforts to promote diversity and sustainability in motorsport, highlighting their success in providing opportunities for people from various backgrounds and their involvement in the Racing for All program.

‣ X44’s departure is seen as a significant loss for Extreme E, especially as they were one of the most successful teams next to Rosberg X Racing, and it comes just before the series transitions to using hydrogen.

Lewis Hamilton and his X44 team are bowing out of Extreme E. The electric rally racing scene won’t be the same without them. After a three-year stint, they’re calling it quits just as year four looms.

“Today, we bid farewell to Extreme E,” the team’s statement read. They’ve had a heck of a ride, snagging wins and even clinching a world championship. But all good things, as they say, must come to an end.

Hamilton’s X44 wasn’t just about racing. Nope. It was more. They’ve given a nod to their drivers, who are now on the hunt for new gigs in 2024. Cristina Gutierrez? She’s already with McLaren.

But here’s the thing. X44 was more than its victories. They sparked conversations on making motorsport greener. They opened doors for folks from all walks of life. And let’s not forget the Racing for All program. That’s Hamilton’s legacy.

The rumor mill had been buzzing about X44’s exit. Still, it’s a tough pill to swallow. They were top dogs, second only to Rosberg X Racing. And now, as the series eyes a shift to hydrogen, X44’s absence will surely be felt.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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