Limited F1 Updates in Mexico: No New RB19 Verstappen Floor

Red Bull Racing will not be introducing a new floor for the RB19 at the Mexico Grand Prix, and few teams have chosen to bring new parts for the race weekend, with the focus mainly on cooling the cars in the high altitude environment.


‣ Red Bull Racing will not be introducing a new floor for the RB19 at the Mexico Grand Prix.
‣ Teams are searching for the right moment to put updates on F1 cars due to limited practice opportunities.
‣ Aston Martin and Mercedes have made some updates, with Mercedes having success with a new floor.
‣ The focus of the updates for the Mexico City race is on cooling the cars in the high altitude.

The Formula 1 teams have made their selection of updates for the upcoming Mexico Grand Prix, as announced by the FIA. Contrary to previous rumors, Red Bull Racing will not be introducing a new floor for their RB19 this weekend.

Teams have to carefully choose when to implement updates to their F1 cars. In the last two races, which were sprint weekends in Qatar and the United States, there was limited time for testing before the parc fermé rules came into effect. Aston Martin attempted to bring updates in Austin but faced little success, while Mercedes saw some improvements with a new floor.

As for the Mexico City race weekend, only a few teams have opted for new parts. These updates primarily focus on enhancing the cars’ cooling systems to cope with the thin air at the high altitude Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

One notable update is for Max Verstappen, who will receive a minor update for the Mexico Grand Prix. Journalist Albert Fabrega shared an image showcasing Verstappen’s updates on Twitter.

While Red Bull Racing’s decision not to introduce a new floor may come as a surprise, it will be interesting to see how the selected updates impact the performance of the teams in the upcoming race. Stay tuned for more updates and analysis on the Mexico Grand Prix.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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