Live F1 Winter Testing Updates from Bahrain

The second day of Formula 1 winter testing in Bahrain will see teams and drivers return to the Bahrain International Circuit for another eight hours to assess if Red Bull Racing maintains its advantage or if teams like Mercedes, Ferrari, or McLaren have closed the gap, with coverage available on Sky Sports F1 and updates on GPblog’s liveblog, amidst dry and warm weather conditions.


‣ The pre-season tests for the 2024 Formula 1 season will take place at the Bahrain International Circuit, moving away from the traditional location in Barcelona due to logistics and weather considerations.

‣ Pre-season testing offers a glimpse into the competitive landscape of the upcoming Formula 1 season, but it does not provide a clear picture due to unknowns like fuel loads, engine modes, and teams potentially underperforming on purpose (sandbagging).

‣ Sky Sports F1 will broadcast full coverage of the winter testing in Bahrain, ensuring fans in the United Kingdom can follow every moment of the action, complemented by GPblog’s liveblog updates.

‣ The weather forecast for the pre-season testing period in Bahrain predicts dry and warm conditions, with temperatures ranging from 15c at night to 22-24c during the day, and a 0% chance of rain, which could influence the testing sessions.

Ah, the thrill is back! We’re diving into day two of winter testing in Bahrain. The Formula 1 circus has rolled back into the Bahrain International Circuit. Another eight hours on the clock. This week’s a biggie. We’re all on the edge of our seats, wondering if Red Bull Racing’s still got that magic touch. Or maybe, just maybe, Mercedes, Ferrari, or McLaren have played catch-up over the winter. Keep your eyes peeled on GPblog’s liveblog for all the pre-season gossip.

### F1 LIVE | It’s Day Two, Folks!

### Where’s the F1 Pre-Season Party At in 2024?
So, Bahrain’s the chosen one again for pre-season tests, leaving behind Barcelona’s chill for the Bahrain International Circuit’s warmth. Makes sense, right? Less travel, more action at the same venue as the season opener. Smart move, F1.

### Will We Get the Full Picture from Pre-Season Testing?
Don’t bet on it. Pre-season testing is like a poker game. Teams have their cards close to their chests, with fuel loads and engine modes shrouded in mystery. And let’s not forget the art of ‘sandbagging’. Yeah, teams pretending to be slower than they are. Sneaky, right? We’ll have to wait for the Bahrain Grand Prix for the real deal, but we’ll make some bold guesses till then.

### Can I Binge-Watch Pre-Season Testing?
Absolutely! Sky Sports F1’s got you covered in the UK. They’re broadcasting every second of the action. Not in the UK? No worries. GPblog’s liveblog will keep you in the loop. Don’t miss a beat.

### What’s the Weather Saying?
Classic desert vibes. AccuWeather’s calling for dry and warm days, with temps hovering between 22-24c. Nights are cooler, dropping to 15c. Expect a sun-drenched Thursday and Friday. Wednesday? Sunny with a side of breezy. Makes for some interesting testing conditions. And rain? A big fat 0% chance.

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