Live Update: Will Verstappen Triumph in Real Racers Never Quit Final?

The final round of the Real Racers Never Quit online championship, featuring both renowned and lesser-known drivers, is set to take place at the Fuji circuit in GT3 cars, with Max Verstappen‘s participation yet to be confirmed, and the event will be streamed on Team Redline’s Twitch channel.


‣ The grand finale of Real Racers Never Quit, an online championship, is set to take place at the Fuji circuit in GT3 cars, with anticipation around Max Verstappen’s participation.
‣ The championship features both well-known and unknown drivers competing in simulators across six rounds, with the final round scheduled for Friday 9 February.
‣ Max Verstappen has demonstrated strong performances in previous rounds, winning two races in F3 cars at Mugello and Silverstone.
‣ The final round of the championship will be broadcast at 19:00 UK time on Team Redline’s Twitch channel, though Verstappen’s participation in the race at the Fuji circuit has not been confirmed.

Oh boy, the climax of Real Racers Never Quit is literally knocking on our doors. Can you believe it? The sixth and final showdown’s gonna unfold at the Fuji circuit, with those sleek GT3 cars roaring to go. And here’s the million-dollar question: Can Max Verstappen clinch another win? Seriously, can he?

Now, let’s chat about the mix in Real Racers Never Quit. It’s like a cocktail of fame and obscurity, with drivers known and not-so-known duking it out in the virtual world. They’ve been at it across five rounds already, and now, it’s crunch time. The grand finale’s slated for Friday, 9th February. Mark your calendars, folks.

Verstappen, oh, that guy. He’s been nothing short of spectacular at Mugello and Silverstone. Behind the wheel of an F3 car, he didn’t just race; he owned two races. But here’s the kicker: The final act of this championship kicks off at 19:00 UK time. And guess what? You can catch all the adrenaline-pumping action on Team Redline’s Twitch channel. Yeah, the link’s down below somewhere.

But, uh, there’s a bit of a cliffhanger. Verstappen hasn’t dropped the mic on whether he’ll grace the Fuji circuit with his presence for the final race. The suspense, right?

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