Lola Brand Announces Comeback with Yamaha Partnership

The British motorsport team Lola, in partnership with Yamaha Motor Company, is set to compete in the all-electric Formula E world championship from 2025, marking a significant return to global motorsport with a focus on technological development and sustainability.


‣ Lola, a British motorsport team with a rich history in various racing formats including Formula 1 and IndyCar, is partnering with Yamaha Motor Company to compete in the all-electric Formula E world championship starting from 2025.

‣ The partnership aims to focus on technological development, particularly around the highly efficient 350 kW electric powertrain, which is seen as a cornerstone technology for future motorsport applications.

‣ Lola’s entry into Formula E marks a significant return to global motorsport, with plans to leverage its expertise in chassis and aerodynamic design to create a unique electrified platform focused on software innovation.

‣ Yamaha, previously active in Formula 1 as an engine supplier, is joining forces with Lola to accelerate the development of sustainable energy management technologies through their participation in Formula E, aligning with a shared philosophy of sustainable motorsport.

An iconic brand is making a comeback. Starting in 2025, the British powerhouse Lola, alongside its tech ally Yamaha Motor Company, is diving into the electric frenzy of the Formula E world championship. Right now, they’re knee-deep in crafting a powertrain that’s set to redefine their role in the sport.

Lola’s not a new kid on the block. For those who’ve been around the motorsport scene, Lola’s a household name. They’ve built a legacy as a top-notch chassis builder, leaving tire tracks in Formula 1, IndyCar, and the grueling world of endurance racing. Legends like Graham Hill and Michele Alboreto have steered Lola’s creations. Their 1997 Formula 1 stint? Well, let’s just say it was a learning curve. Fast forward to 2012, and they hit a financial wall, declaring bankruptcy.

Big Dreams at Lola

Enter Till Bechtolsheimer, the new captain of the ship, with dreams as big as the racetracks. “Teaming up with Yamaha Motor Company? It’s a big deal for us,” he beams. “It’s a nod to the dream team we’ve been building at Lola.” They’re not just racing; they’re revolutionizing with a 350 kW electric powertrain that’s got eyes on the future of motorsport.

Mark Preston, the Motorsport Director at Lola Cars, is buzzing too. “Jumping into Formula E is a milestone for us. It’s not just about racing; it’s about pioneering technology.” Lola’s history of aerodynamic wizardry is about to get an electric boost, aiming to shape the future of racing tech.

Yamaha’s Racing Pedigree

Yamaha’s stepping back into the spotlight too. Remember their Formula 1 engines from ’89 to ’97? They powered teams like Zakspeed and Jordan, almost clinching a win with Damon Hill in ’97, if not for a pesky hydraulic issue. Heiji Maruyama of Yamaha Motor co. shares, “We’re pushing the envelope on sustainable tech. Partnering with Lola in Formula E is a leap towards advanced energy management.”

So, there you have it. Lola and Yamaha are gearing up for an electrifying chapter in motorsport, fueled by innovation and a dash of nostalgia. The race to the future is on, and it’s electric.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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