Marko Discusses Hamilton Contract: 2021 Too Entrenched with Max

Red Bull Racing confirms that Lewis Hamilton‘s team reached out to them, but insists Hamilton was never considered as a potential teammate for Max Verstappen due to a past incident.


‣ Lewis Hamilton’s camp reportedly contacted Red Bull Racing, despite Hamilton denying knowledge of this.
‣ Red Bull’s Helmut Marko asserts that Hamilton was never considered as a potential teammate for Max Verstappen due to past incidents.
‣ Mercedes is currently struggling, having only won one race since the 2021 season.
‣ Despite his age, Marko continues to attend most F1 races and comments on the challenges of adjusting to different time zones.

Red Bull Racing is pretty confident about one thing. Lewis Hamilton, or at least someone on his team, has reached out to them. Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, claims he’s in the dark about this. But Helmut Marko, he’s not buying it. However, he’s clear on one thing – Hamilton was never considered as a potential teammate for Max Verstappen.

Christian Horner’s interview with a British tabloid set the ball rolling. He spilled the beans that someone from Hamilton’s camp had approached Red Bull. They were exploring possibilities, maybe even a switch. Hamilton denies this, but Horner stands his ground. He’s not lying, he insists. And Marko? He’s certain there’s been some sort of contact.

“No Hamilton-Verstappen,” says Marko, speaking to OE24. He’s adamant that having Verstappen and Hamilton on the same team just wouldn’t work. The events of 2021 are still fresh in his mind. He’s referring to that crash at the Silverstone circuit two years ago. Hamilton and Verstappen collided at Copse. Verstappen crashed into the wall at 54G and ended up in the hospital. Hamilton, on the other hand, took a penalty and still managed to win the race.

Mercedes is having a rough time. They’ve only won one race since the 2021 season. Marko’s reaction? “Has it been that long already?” But he’s clear – Red Bull won’t be reaching out to them. He credits their success to their unmatched speed in long runs. While they maintained a steady pace, their rivals struggled. McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes – they all had their moments, but they were fleeting.

Marko, at 80, is one of the oldest in the paddock. He’s still a regular at F1 races. Even he’s adjusting to the 12-hour time difference from last week. “I’m doing well,” he says, “I’m on the beach in Abu Dhabi and slowly recovering.” He found Las Vegas challenging. The time difference had everyone confused – breakfast or dinner? By the end, everyone was exhausted.

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