Marko Dismisses Rumor of Alonso’s Self-Creation

Helmut Marko, Red Bull Racing advisor, denies the rumors of Fernando Alonso switching to Red Bull in 2024, attributing them to Alonso himself spreading the rumors due to his disappointing results with Aston Martin, reaffirming that Sergio Perez will continue to drive for the team next year as per his contract, and emphasizing that Red Bull’s focus is on winning the remaining races of the season.


‣ Fernando Alonso will not be switching to Red Bull Racing in 2024
‣ Red Bull Racing will continue with Sergio Perez in 2024
‣ Helmut Marko believes Alonso may have spread the rumors himself
‣ Red Bull Racing’s focus is on winning all the remaining races and achieving a one-two finish with Perez

In the midst of the rumour mill, Helmut Marko has dispelled the speculation surrounding Fernando Alonso’s potential switch to Red Bull Racing in 2024. Marko, speaking ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix, clarified that the team would be sticking with Sergio Perez for the upcoming season. He emphasized that both he and Christian Horner have repeatedly stated that Perez will continue to drive for them, regardless of recent performances.

Marko even suggested that Alonso may have been the one spreading these rumours himself. He speculated that the Spaniard may have used his home media to create unrest amidst disappointing results with Aston Martin. Marko’s remarks shed light on the possible motivations behind the swirling rumours. However, it is important to note that Alonso himself has firmly denied being the source of these speculations, dismissing them as “normal rumours going around the paddock.”

Red Bull’s focus remains on their sporting goals for the remainder of the season. Marko reiterated that their sole objective is to win all the remaining races and secure a one-two finish with Perez. With such ambitious targets, the Alonso-Red Bull rumours can now be put to rest.

It’s not uncommon for speculation and rumours to circulate within the Formula 1 paddock. The sport’s dynamic nature and competitive environment often give rise to such stories. Alonso’s record as a two-time world champion and his recent performances have naturally attracted attention. However, it is important to separate fact from fiction and rely on official statements and denials from the parties involved.

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