Marko Doubts Verstappen Win Due to Being Two Seconds Slower

Helmut Marko doubts Max Verstappen could have secured a third consecutive win in Australia due to the RB20’s performance issues, as even Sergio Pérez was significantly slower than competitors, highlighting a challenging weekend for Red Bull despite achieving pole position.


‣ Helmut Marko doubts Max Verstappen could have achieved a third consecutive win in Australia, noting that the Red Bull cars, including Sergio Pérez’s RB20, were significantly slower than competitors.

Carlos Sainz ended Red Bull’s winning streak by showcasing Ferrari’s impressive pace, with McLaren also outperforming Red Bull in Melbourne.

‣ The RB20’s performance issues were highlighted, with Marko mentioning potential problems with tyre pressure or setup as reasons for being up to two seconds slower than the leaders.

‣ Despite the challenges, Marko acknowledged the difficulty of the weekend but found it surprising that Red Bull still managed to secure pole position.

Helmut Marko had his doubts. Seriously, he didn’t think Max Verstappen could snag his third win in a row down in Australia. Why? Well, Sergio Pérez, zipping around in his RB20, lagged sometimes. Like, up to two seconds behind the pack. That’s what the Red Bull Racing guru pointed out. It kinda hinted that even Verstappen, with all his magic, wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

Then there was Carlos Sainz. Remember him? Just like that time in Singapore last year, he broke Red Bull’s winning streak. Ferrari was on fire, setting a pace that had everyone talking. And don’t get me started on the McLarens. They were flying past Red Bull in Melbourne, of all places.

### RB20 comes up short
“We were trailing,” Marko confessed to “Sometimes by two whole seconds.” He scratched his head, pondering if maybe, just maybe, they got the tyre pressure all wrong. Or perhaps the set-up was a bit off. The Austrian team vowed to dive deep into the mystery. “Because, let’s be real, Checo isn’t two seconds slow.”

Digging deeper, Marko speculated. Sure, Verstappen might outpace his teammate, Pérez. But by two seconds? Not a chance. To the 80-year-old Austrian, eyeing the top spot was a bit of a stretch. Wrapping up his thoughts, Marko reflected, “Tough weekend, no doubt. Snagging pole position, though? That was a shocker.”

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