Marko Excels in First Day of Testing, Surprises Other Teams

Red Bull Racing had an excellent start to the season with Max Verstappen completing 143 laps and being 1.1 seconds faster than the nearest competitor during testing in Bahrain, impressing the team and external consultant Helmut Marko with the new RB20’s concept and performance.


‣ For Red Bull Racing, the season started exceptionally well with a problem-free first day of testing and the fastest time, bringing joy to the team and external consultant Helmut Marko.

‣ Max Verstappen completed 143 laps during the test in Bahrain, outpacing his closest competitor by 1.1 seconds, indicating the new RB20 concept is effective and promising.

‣ Teams are now mimicking the design of last season’s successful RB19, but Red Bull surprised everyone with aggressive changes to their car, leading to positive first impressions and successful tuning changes according to feedback from Max Verstappen.

Oh boy, Red Bull Racing’s off to a flying start this season. And yeah, it’s super early days, but hey, no glitches on day one and topping the time charts? That’s gotta feel good. The team’s grinning from ear to ear, and Helmut Marko’s right there, smiling away.

Now, Max Verstappen, that guy was on fire in Bahrain. Zipping through 143 laps and leaving his nearest rival, Lando Norris, eating dust by a whopping 1.1 seconds. Looks like the RB20’s new tricks are doing wonders. “Impressive, isn’t it?” Marko couldn’t help but boast to the press. “143 laps and smooth sailing. This concept’s a winner. We’re on to something good here.”

Imitation: The Sincerest Form of Flattery?

Peeking at the competition, Marko couldn’t shake off a sense of déjà vu. Last year’s RB19, the beast that almost swept the season clean, seems to have inspired a trend. Despite the RB19’s success, Adrian Newey, the genius behind the scenes, decided to shake things up. “Now, everyone’s playing catch-up, trying to mirror our old beast. Bet they didn’t see this curveball coming,” Marko mused. The new Red Bull’s making waves, and even Verstappen’s feeling good about it. “Max’s first take? All thumbs up. We tweaked a bit here and there, and the car’s responding beautifully. It’s mostly fine-tuning from here,” shared Marko, barely containing his excitement.

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