Marko Highlights Verstappen Factor as Crucial Point in Dominance

Max Verstappen, a 26-year-old Formula 1 driver, had his most successful season ever, breaking the record for most wins by a driver in a single season and is expected by Red Bull top advisor Helmut Marko to reach seven world titles like Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher.


‣ Max Verstappen had his most successful Formula 1 season ever, with only Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher ahead of him in terms of race victories.
‣ Verstappen broke the record for most wins by a driver in a single season in 2022, and then smashed his own record with 19 wins.
‣ Red Bull top advisor Helmut Marko credits Verstappen’s dominance to the “Max Verstappen factor”, highlighting his crucial role within the team.
‣ Marko believes there is a very good chance Verstappen will win more world championships, potentially matching Schumacher and Hamilton’s seven world titles.

Max Verstappen is a name you can’t ignore these days. At 26, he’s just had his best Formula 1 season yet. Only Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher have more race wins under their belts.

The Dutchman is quickly catching up in terms of championships. Red Bull’s top advisor, Helmut Marko, even thinks Verstappen could reach those seven world titles. He spilled the beans to oe24.

A season like this? It’s something Red Bull Racing could only dream of. Flashback to 2022, Verstappen was smashing records left and right. He set a new record for the most wins by a driver in a single season.

People thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of season. Boy, were they wrong. Verstappen didn’t just match his 2022 record, he obliterated it with 19 wins.

Marko is quick to credit Verstappen for the team’s success. “We’ve got a great car and a motivated team, but the real game-changer? That’s the Max Verstappen factor,” he says. Poor Sergio Perez gets a lot of flak, but Marko insists it’s just because he’s in the shadow of “the talent of the century.”

Will Verstappen ever match Schumacher and Hamilton’s seven world titles? That’s the million-dollar question. Marko’s answer? “I trust Max with that. He’s got a solid shot at winning more world championships.” But he’s not so sure about matching this season’s 21 wins in 22 races. That’s a tough act to follow.

So, what’s next for Verstappen? Only time will tell.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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