Marko May Offer Lawson a Seat in 2025 Due to High Potential

Liam Lawson will not return to Formula 1 in 2024 due to all seats being taken, but he may have an opportunity in 2025 when Sergio Perez‘s contract at Red Bull Racing expires, according to Marko.


‣ Liam Lawson will not return to Formula 1 in 2024 as all seats are taken.
‣ Sergio Perez’s contract at Red Bull Racing expires after 2024, which could open up a potential opportunity for Lawson.
‣ Lawson made his first competitive miles in a Formula 1 car in 2023 and made a good impression.
‣ Marko has promised Lawson a seat in 2025, provided he drives a few more races to demonstrate his potential.

Liam Lawson, the New Zealander, won’t be back in Formula 1 in 2024. Why? All the seats are taken. So, he’s gotta wait to get back in the game. Marko, however, dropped a hint to oe24. Sergio Perez’s contract with Red Bull Racing? It’s up after 2024.

Now, that could open a door for Lawson. Remember, he got his first taste of a Formula 1 car in 2023. That was when Daniel Ricciardo got hurt during the second free practice at Zandvoort. Lawson? He did pretty well. But Marko and his crew decided not to give the rookie a seat in 2024.

2025: Lawson’s Year?

If Perez says goodbye to Red Bull after 2024, things might change for Lawson. Maybe a spot at AlphaTauri? Or even Red Bull Racing? Marko’s hinted at it before. Lawson in a seat in 2025? “That’s right,” he said. But before that, Lawson’s gotta show his stuff in a few more races. They need to see his potential, you know?

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